Dives in the Red Sea:

The Red Sea has some of the best diving in the world. The water is warm, never falling below 22 oC even in winter and reaching 28 oC, or even more in far south.

Red Sea Coral
Red Sea Coral - Soma Bay House Reef

The ten best dives in the Red Sea, according to divers' votes, are:

  1. Thistlegorm, Egypt
  2. Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egypt
  3. Elphinstone Reef, Egypt
  4. Big Brother, Egypt
  5. Sha'ab Rumi South, Sudan
  6. Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt
  7. Jackson Reef, Egypt
  8. Daedelus, Egypt
  9. Ghiannis D, Egypt
  10. Umbria, Sudan

The best time to dive the Red Sea? Low season is December to February because of the cooler water, and June to August because of the heat, which makes for quieter dive sites. In the winter months you are also more likely to see Oceanic White Tip sharks in Egypt and hammerhead sharks in Sudan. Likewise for the Djibouti whale sharks when the best time to go is from November to January. Warmer water in summer lures the hammerhead sharks further north into Egypt. September to November is the time to see manta rays in Sudan, and thresher sharks in both Sudan and Egypt.

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Dive sites of the Red Sea

Map of Diving in the Red Sea
Red Sea Map

Red Sea Books

Our pick of the Red Sea books.

Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea
by Ned Middleton, Hardback, Immel Publishing, 196 pages, 2006.
The author spent over 8 years engaged in dedicated research into the many shipwrecks which are found in this part of the world. There are nineteen major featured shipwrecks - including two which are only recently discovered. These are followed by brief details of another eighteen vessels which were too small to be classified as ships - tugboats, barges etc. Finally, there are brief details of approx. 250 additional vessels that are either not yet discovered, far too deep for scuba divers or never even existed.
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Coral Reef Guide Red Sea
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Collins, 384 Pages, Paperback (2012)
Coral Reef Guide Red Sea covers all common species of underwater life of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, you are likely to see while diving or snorkelling. Each species is illustrated with a full-colour photograph and the text gives details of range and characteristic behaviour. A map of good dive sites appears on the inside front cover. Includes jellyfish, corals, nudibranchs, starfish, sea urchins, fishes and turtles. An excellent sea life guide which I always take to the Red Sea

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