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12 June 2019
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"I totally dig what your SCUBA News magazine has and is constantly offering! As a diver myself it's great what you guys managed to capture and put in print! Awesome. Keep up the wonderful work as I know it takes a whole lotta time, effort and patience." , Singapore.
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Readers' Reviews of SCUBA News

"Just ran through my 1st edition of scuba news online. Fantastic, you have added so many sites to my dive list"

, 21 February 2018

"Love the newsletters! Keep them coming. "


"We have been enthustiastic scubadivers nearly for 15 yrs with my husband. We have been diving in 54 different countries so far and are planning to continue our "dive site spotting" as long as our medical cards allow. And we love to read your newsletter!!! "

, Finland

"Always so good to get the newsletter. I wait for it to come. I learn a lot from the news you include. Thanks so much."

, Canada

"Great publication. I enjoy the mix of news you include. For example that article about nitrogen narcosis lead to a link with over 100 other related article. Really fine for those of us who like to stay informed and who do more technical diving"


"I find the newletter really informative, and a good taster for finding out further information. Its always a nice find in my email intray. Carry on the good work"

, UK

"You guys do an outstanding job. I use your info often and during the past year, have traveled and dived in several places around the western hemisphere utilizing information I obtained from your site. Keep up the fantastic work!"


"I find your newsletter very informative, very well set-up & accessible & it always makes a bright spot in a winter's day. Plus, It keeps me excited planning for future trips."

, Canada

"Enjoy your bulletins. Keep up the good work!"

"I enjoy your newsletter and find it very informative."

, Costa Rica

"I really enjoy the e-mail newsletter and find it very useful so thanks and keep it up!"

"I actually spent hours on the internet as a result of receiving this newsletter.!"

"Excellent news and website. I wish I had more time to study it. Keep me on the list"

, UK

"Thanks so much for your newsletter, tips and comments!"


"SCUBA News is an interesting read with a good mix of topics."

, Malaysia

"It is well-balanced web-magazine"

, Mexico

"My boyfriend and I are currently reviewing the options available to us for learning to dive and your web site has proved invaluable."

, UK

SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011) Archive

See below for pdf versions of the newsletters

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  • SCUBA News 175 - December 2014
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  • SCUBA News 163 - December 2013
  • SCUBA News 162 - November 2013
  • SCUBA News 161 - October 2013
  • SCUBA News 160 - September 2013
  • SCUBA News 159 - August 2013
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  • SCUBA News 120 - April 2010
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  • SCUBA News 118 - February 2010
  • SCUBA News 117 - January 2010

  • PDF Versions of SCUBA News


    SCUBA News 224
    Incredible diving in Komodo, Malpelo - as good as Galapagos?, World's best wreck dive, creature of the month is Fiveline Cardinalfish, plus the diving and marine news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 223
    10% off diving in Bali, Grenada - the unspoiled Caribbean, Malta's wreck, best places to dive in February, creature of the month is Dendronotus Nudibranch, plus the diving and marine news from around the world.

    Shark cage diving

    SCUBA News 222
    Gifts for scuba divers, scuba bestsellers of 2018, wonderful world of Christmas tree worms, best liveaboards for single travellers, head for the Med: diving Cyprus, Eco-Blue Maldives.

    Shark cage diving

    SCUBA News 221
    When is a sea snake not a sea snake? Who to dive with in Hurghada. Impressive diving in Brazil. Reasons to dive Malaysia. Swim with orcas and humpback whales.


    SCUBA News 220
    Diving Komodo from the Duyung Baru, Window on Honduras, Wrecks Unlimited, South Africa Contrasts.

    Shark cage diving

    SCUBA News 219
    Cage Diving with Great White Sharks - Should you do it? Top diving in Malaysia, Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, Who to Dive with In Sharm El-Sheikh, Unique Spawning Exhibition.

    Manta ray

    SCUBA News 218
    Marine life heaven in the Sea of Cortez, Zanzibar calling, Best diving in September, where to dive with giant manta rays.


    SCUBA News 217
    Back in time to Nicuaragua, diving the Greek Islands, Seychelles scuba, mapping seagrass - citizen science.


    SCUBA News 216
    Sharks, French Polynesia, Whale and Wall dives, Golden dives of Dahab, Jeddah point tugboat, where to dive June.

    Fan coral scene

    SCUBA News 215
    Madagascar, Where to dive in Antigua, Head for the Med: Diving Italy.

    Coleman's Shrimp

    SCUBA News 214
    Creatures of the month in one place, Top 10 dives, Diving Australia, Carpet Flathead, Maldives liveaboard.


    SCUBA News 213
    Beneath Fijian seas, Dominica - unlike the rest of the Caribbean, Venomous Sea Creatures Keep Changing the Recipe.

    Ancient diving suit

    SCUBA News 212
    Soma Bay - a special place to dive, here's why: Diving Madeira, Cambodia - macro and whale sharks, Top Ten diver New Year's Resolutions


    SCUBA News 211
    What to get a diver for Christmas, Dugongs in Mozambique, Opening-up - Timor Leste, Diving Bestsellers of 2017.


    SCUBA News 210
    Diving books reviewed, Which Honduras island is best for diving, Warm water diving in Europe, Oman Fish ID app.

    Leafy sea dragon

    SCUBA News 209
    Creatures of the month in one place, Top 10 dives, Diving Australia, Carpet Flathead, Maldives liveaboard.

    Cave Diving

    SCUBA News 208
    Review of The Darkness Beckons - history of cave diving, 50 Stunning underwater photos of the Azores, Thailand Diving Season opens, Who to dive with in Malaysia, livaboard sale.


    SCUBA News 207
    World class diving at Costa Rica's Cocos Islands, Abundant marine life in British waters, Diving the Philippines, Vibrant Jewel Anemone is creature of the month.

    Deep Sea Beauty

    SCUBA News 206
    Is anywhere better for diving than the Galapagos? The Maldives - Which Atoll to Choose? Ningaloo - Australia's other Great Barrier Reef. Dominica - Perfect for Families and Kids. Fabulous animals discovered in the deep sea.

    Clown fish

    SCUBA News 205
    Reasons for diving Mexico, Back in time to Papua New Guinea's unspoilt seas, Diving qualifications compared, Diving Placencia Belize - What you need to know before you go.


    SCUBA News 204
    Kenya's other safaris, Discover the diving of Indonesia, Caves and Creatures in Sardinia plus win an awesome map of the best diving in the World!

    Zanzibar underwater

    SCUBA News 203
    Palau - Trip of a Lifetime, Spice Island Diving in Tanzania, Under Europe's Seas, Diving into Caribbean Yesteryear - Corn Islands Nicaragua.


    SCUBA News 202
    Opening Up - Diving in Vietnam, Diving Malta - Azure Window Falls, South Africa - Something for Everyone, Diving with sharks - good or bad?

    Red Sea Coral

    SCUBA News 201
    Diving Baja California, Red Sea Diving Guide, Head for the Med: Greece and which sunscreens are safe for sealife?

    Pearl granular crab

    SCUBA News 200
    Scuba Cuba, Sipadan, Croatia, Djibouti for whale sharks, Ocean Art Underwater Photography Winners 2016 Announced.

    Diving the Browning Pass

    SCUBA News 199
    Window on diving Brazil, who to dive with in Malaysia, diving from Hurghada in the Red Sea, The weird and wonderful life of the Browning Pass in Canada.

    Diving Thailand's Andaman Sea

    SCUBA News 198
    World Class Diving in Colombia, Diving Thailand's Andaman Sea, SCUBA best-selling books of 2016.

    Diving Indonesia

    SCUBA News 197
    Diving Indonesia, Guide to Oman, where to stay in Dominica, which squid are ok to eat.

    Dive India's remote islands

    SCUBA News 196
    Dive India's remote islands, Antigua, revealed - the top 100 dive sites, the extraordinary bull shark.

    Dominican Republic

    SCUBA News 195
    Dive the Dominican Republic, the lionfish, where to dive in the Maldives, Interview with Kenneth Tuttle - author of Careers in Scuba Diving.

    Shrimp in Papua New Guinea

    SCUBA News 194
    Revealed - the remote diving of Papua New Guinea, Lanzarote - warm and full of life, choose a dive operator in Bali, what can the octopus do?

    El Mina wreck

    SCUBA News 193
    Great Barrier Reef - go now whilst you still can, Red Sea Wreck - El Mina, inside information on diving in Italy and what you need to know before diving off Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Coral reef

    SCUBA News 192
    $75 off diving, discover the Galapagos, when to go to Madagascar, highlights of Bali diving,


    SCUBA News 191
    World's best wreck dives, the clear waters of Malta and Gozo, Tioman island: lovely diving in Malaysia plus latest research reveals what to do about jellyfish stings.

    Orange peel nudibranch

    SCUBA News 190
    Diving Portugal, orange peel nudibranch, crossing over diving agencies, where is the best diving in Honduras?

    Diving with Crocodiles in Botswana

    SCUBA News 189
    Europe's top ten dive sites; diving the Philippines, Albania, Tanzania; diving with dyslexia.

    Diving with Crocodiles in Botswana

    SCUBA News 188
    Diving with nile crocodiles in Botswana, Costa Rica, Sardinia; award-winning underwater photos and diving and marine news from around the world.

    Diving the Thistlegorm

    SCUBA News 187
    100 best dives in the world; diving Mozambique, Canary Islands; what the diving in Saudi Arabia was like in 1977.

    Chokka Squid

    SCUBA News 186
    SCUBA bestsellers of 2015; diving Malaysia, South Africa, Ustica, Egypt; why fat helps corals cope with climate change.


    SCUBA News 185
    Discount code for diving Bali, diving Croatia, Malta and Gozo. Green turtles and the fast and deadly great barracuda.


    SCUBA News 184
    Diving Thailand, Cuba, the UK and Bulgaria; the tiger shark that swam over 44000 km - further than any other fish; and the underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 183
    Underwater photography contest, book your dives online, diving Palau (Pacific) and Italy, SCUBA challenge and the underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 182
    The beautiful but deadly lionfish, diving the Maldives, Hurghada, Bali, Thailand and the diving and marine environment news from around the world.

    Diving Sharm El Sheikh

    SCUBA News 181
    Diving the Philippines, Jordan, Gibralta, Letters, Close encounter with a great white shark

    Diving Sharm El Sheikh

    SCUBA News 180
    Diving Indonesia, Thailand, Sharm El-Sheikh, Letters, NAUI or PADI, Clear sunscreen bad for marine life.

    Diving Australia

    SCUBA News 179
    Diving Dahab, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Crete, Australia photo gallery, Letters, Dottyback reef fish and the diving news from around the world.

    Diving Philippines

    SCUBA News 178
    Diving Canary Island, Saudi Arabia, Letters, Divers asked to report Ghost Fishing Gear and the diving news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 177
    Diving Tanzania, Mexico, Egypt, Letters, Medicine from the Sea and the diving news from around the world.

    Diving Belize

    SCUBA News 176
    Diving Malaysia, Philippines, Tobago, Cuba, Letters, Underwater Photo Winners.

    Diving Belize

    SCUBA News 175
    Diving Belize, Interviews and Book Reviews, Letters, Creature of the Month: The Scarlet Lady Nudibranch.

    Indonesia diving

    SCUBA News 174
    Diving Indonesia and Baja California, Top 10 diving books of 2014, Like Sharks? Volunteer with Great White Shark Project.

    Whale shark

    SCUBA News 173
    Diving Madagascar and Jordan, Meet the author: Beth Tierney, Strange animals found in the Canaries.

    Clown fish

    SCUBA News 172
    Diving Thailand and South Africa, Red Sea Clownfish, deep sea diving record broken.

    Tiger Shark

    SCUBA News 171
    World's top 100 dives, shark fin sales in China drop by over 50% and SCUBA challenge to raise money for Disability Day.

    Ghiannis D

    SCUBA News 170
    Travel insurance for divers, win a Red Sea holiday, diving Greece, the Philippines, Ghiannis D photos and the diving news from around the world.

    Chrisoula K

    SCUBA News 169
    Diving Palau; underwater photos of the wreck of the Chrisoula K; stamping out over-fishing; diving news from around the world.

    Diving Cuba, copyright Avalon Divers

    SCUBA News 168
    Diving Cyprus; diving Cuba; underwater Photos of St Kilda; Freckled Hawkfish; diving news from around the world.

    Gozo's Azure Window

    SCUBA News 167
    Diving Malta and Gozo; photo gallery of the wreck of the Kingston; disabled diving; HSE / Police Diver to PADI; Hooded Cuttlefish; diving news from around the world.

    One of the best dives in Europe

    SCUBA News 166
    Diving Iceland; top ten dives in Europe; how to crossover qualifications; creature of the month is Green Turtle; diving news from around the world.

    Soft coral

    SCUBA News 165
    101 Best Dive Sites; Diving Indonesia; Diving Croatia; Diving the Dominican Rebublic; Great White Shark lives to over 70; diving news from around the world.

    Ocean Art Contest Winner

    SCUBA News 164
    Diving Madagascar; Interviews with diving authors; SCUBA bestsellers of 2013; Underwater photography competition highlights; diving news from around the world.

    Diving Marsa Alarm

    SCUBA News 163
    Maximum Diving Depths for Different Scuba Agencies; Book Review -Manta Rays and Margaritas; Diving in Marsa Alam, Red Sea; diving news from around the world.

    British Diving

    SCUBA News 162
    Where are the Best Dive Sites in Thailand?; Diving in the UK; Meet the author: Richard Field; Creature of the Month: Conger Eel, Conger conger; diving news from around the world.

    Clownfish in Dahab, Red Sea

    SCUBA News 161
    Diving Dahab in the Red Sea; the Philippines; Greece; Killer robots slash jellyfish; diving news from around the world.

    Which dive centre is the most highly rated in the world?

    SCUBA News 160
    Most highly rated dive operator is...; Baja California; Bulgaria; Book Review: Reef Fishes of Oman; diving news from around the world.

    A is for ABLJ

    SCUBA News 159
    Scuba diving glossary; Sierra Leone; Ustica, Italy; Creature of the Month: Soft Coral, Dendronephthya hemprichi; Ocean Art underwater photo competition; diving and underwater news.


    SCUBA News 158
    Oldest living thing on Earth: Posidonia oceanica seagrass; Red Sea fish guide; Ningaloo Reef dive centres; Greece; diving news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 157
    Brazil, top 10 wrecks, where to dive with manta rays, travel insurance Galapagos, diving Marsa Alam, diving and underwater news.


    SCUBA News 156
    Sharm El-Sheikh, diving qualifications, Lions Mane Jellyfish, Poor Knights, 60% of Species in Decline, diving and underwater news.


    SCUBA News 155
    Google+, Tioman Island, Costa Rica, Zanzibar, creature of the month is Pulsating Coral, diving and underwater news.


    SCUBA News 154
    Dive: Enjoy not Destroy article, creature of the month is the Harlequin Shrimp, plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 153
    Dive: Enjoy not Destroy article, creature of the month is the Harlequin Shrimp, plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 152
    2013 SCUBA bestseller list published, creature of the month, plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 151
    2012 SCUBA bestseller list published, creature of the month, plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.

    Red Sea Lionfish

    SCUBA News 150
    Book of the year is Ocean of Life, diving Honduras, Red Sea Life Guide, plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.

    Grouper on Yongala

    SCUBA News 149
    Yongala knocked off top of top ten dives, diving Belize, free Bali diving e-book; plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.

    Diving the Cenotes, Mexico

    SCUBA News 148
    Diving the Cenotes, Mexico; Jeddha, Saudi Arabia; Portugal; plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.

    Lionfish in Thailand

    SCUBA News 147
    Top 10 Wreck Dives; diving Thailand and the Maldives; plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 146
    Diving Malta and Gozo, Raja Ampat; SCUBA diving glossary; plus the diving and underwater news from around the world.


    SCUBA News 145
    Diving the Galapagos; Vietnam; Djibouti underwater photo gallery; World's largest marine heritage sites; Creature of the Month is the Stromatolite Builder.

    Philippines sharks

    SCUBA News 144
    Diving the Marine World Heritage sites; wreck diving in the Red Sea; Madagascar; Cyprus; photo search; Creature of the Month is the Potato Cod.

    Philippines sharks

    SCUBA News 143
    Top 10 dives in the world; Creature of the Month is the Midnight Snapper; Diving the Philippines, Oman and Greece.

    whale shark in Djibouti

    SCUBA News 142
    Diving with Whale Sharks in Djibouti; Baja California (Mexico); Italy; Marsa Alam (Egypt); Survey results.

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