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15 May 2024
SCUBA News is a free, monthly, publication delivered by e-mail since 2000.

SCUBA News contains articles on diving destinations; news on events and research in the diving, marine life and other underwater fields; features a marine "creature of the month" and keeps you up-to-date on new areas and reviews added to the SCUBA Travel site. See below for some comments from our readers and an archive of issues.

"I totally dig what your SCUBA News magazine has and is constantly offering! As a diver myself it's great what you guys managed to capture and put in print! Awesome. Keep up the wonderful work as I know it takes a whole lotta time, effort and patience." , Singapore.

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Readers' Reviews and Comments SCUBA News Archive

Readers' Reviews of SCUBA News

"Just ran through my 1st edition of scuba news online. Fantastic, you have added so many sites to my dive list"

"Love the newsletters! Keep them coming. "


"We have been enthustiastic scubadivers nearly for 15 yrs with my husband. We have been diving in 54 different countries so far and are planning to continue our "dive site spotting" as long as our medical cards allow. And we love to read your newsletter!!! "

, Finland

"Always so good to get the newsletter. I wait for it to come. I learn a lot from the news you include. Thanks so much."

, Canada

"Great publication. I enjoy the mix of news you include. For example that article about nitrogen narcosis lead to a link with over 100 other related article. Really fine for those of us who like to stay informed and who do more technical diving"


"I find the newletter really informative, and a good taster for finding out further information. Its always a nice find in my email intray. Carry on the good work"

, UK

"You guys do an outstanding job. I use your info often and during the past year, have traveled and dived in several places around the western hemisphere utilizing information I obtained from your site. Keep up the fantastic work!"


"I find your newsletter very informative, very well set-up & accessible & it always makes a bright spot in a winter's day. Plus, It keeps me excited planning for future trips."

, Canada

"Enjoy your bulletins. Keep up the good work!"

"I enjoy your newsletter and find it very informative."

, Costa Rica

"I really enjoy the e-mail newsletter and find it very useful so thanks and keep it up!"

"I actually spent hours on the internet as a result of receiving this newsletter.!"

"Excellent news and website. I wish I had more time to study it. Keep me on the list"

, UK

"Thanks so much for your newsletter, tips and comments!"


"SCUBA News is an interesting read with a good mix of topics."

, Malaysia

"It is well-balanced web-magazine"

, Mexico

"My boyfriend and I are currently reviewing the options available to us for learning to dive and your web site has proved invaluable."

, UK

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