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With our RSS news feed - ../scuba.xml - you can receive live updates of all the SCUBA news. How you receive the news is up to you. You can embed it into your own web pages, read it in services like Feedly, have it delivered by e-mail or sent to your mobile phone.


Embedding SCUBA News into your own Web pages
using Javascript or PHP

You can use a short piece of javascript or php code to embed the news into your website.

For php-enabled web sites copy this code and paste it into your web page (adapted from 9 lessons).

For javascript just copy the code below and paste it into one of your web pages. Shortly after news is added, it will appear on your site like in the box to the right. You can change the layout by using your own styles: Using and customizing BuzzBoost appearance tells you how.

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Receiving News Via E-mail

There are various services which will deliver the latest news to your e-mail account, including Feedburner, Squeet and FeedBlitz.

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