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"I find the newsletter really informative, and a good taster for finding out further information. It's always a nice find in my email intray. Carry on the good work"
Hayley Brown, UK

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Readers' Comments

"Always so good to get the newsletter. I wait for it to come. I learn a lot from the news you include. Thanks so much."
Denise A. McCracken, Canada
"I enjoy your newsletter and find it very informative."
Bill Beard, Costa Rica
"I really enjoy the e-mail newsletter and find it very useful so thanks and keep it up!"
Jo Cashmore
"Excellent news and website. I wish I had more time to study it. Keep me on the list"
Douglas McCully, UK
"SCUBA News is an interesting read with a good mix of topics."
Emelisa Wan Salleh, Malaysia
"It is well-balanced web-magazine"
Francisco Javier Camarena Juarez, Mexico
"Great publication. I enjoy the mix of news you include. For example that article about nitrogen narcosis lead to a link with over 100 other related article. Really fine for those of us who like to stay informed and who do more technical diving"
Jim Reilly, USA
"You guys do an outstanding job. I use your info often and during the past year, have traveled and dived in several places around the western hemisphere utilizing information I obtained from your site. Keep up the fantastic work!"
Chantal Thomas, USA

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