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26 June 2023
For something different dive in Norway. The dive sites are quiet, there are many wrecks and some beautiful scenery. There are also the extreme dives of Saltströmmen and Sundstrømmen - experience the strongest tidal current in the world. There is some shore diving but the best dive sites are reached by boat.

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Including her islands, Norway has a massive coastline of 58,133 km. The water never gets very warm: it ranges from an average of 15 °C in August in the south down to 5 °C in March. You will need a drysuit.

In summer the sun never sets. In winter you might see the Northern Lights.

Lofoten, Norway
Lofoten, Norwat. TT Studio/DepositPhotos

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Dive with leopard seals, penguins and maybe even whales. The M/S Sula is an ex fishing boat which now specialises in liveaboard trips for divers. There are six crew members and a maximum of twelve guests.
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Gulen Dive Resort

Gulen Dive Resort
Tel: +47 57 78 40 20

"We welcome you to one of Norway's best diving resorts. Welcome to Norway at its best!"
Ørjan Sandnes, Gulen Dive Resort

Copyright Gulen Dive Resort
Photo credit: Gulen Dive Resort


Notveien 17
8013 Bodø
Tel: +47 75525293
E-mail: mail@bododykkesenter.no

Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter A/S

N-6494 Vevang
Tel: (+47) 71 29 81 74
e-mail: post@stromsholmen.no

One Ocean

Dvergsnesv. 571
4639 Kristiansand
Tel: +47 91628525
E-mail: oneocean@oneocean.no

Lofoten Diving

8373 Ballstad
Skarsjyveien 67
phone: +47 40051852

Oslofjorden Dykkesenter

Vollen marina
Slemmestadveien 416
1390 Vollen
Tel: 678 01 212

Agder Dykkesenter

Vikaveien 29, 4817 His
Tel: 678 01 212

Nemo Classic Diving

Damsgårdsveien 113
Tel: +47 56 11 47 00

Saltstraumen i

Ripnesveien 48
8056 Saltstraumen
Tel: +47 922 60 560

Norway Dive Sites


"It is the strongest tidal current in the world. Up to 400 million m3 (tonnes) of seawater forces its way through a 3 km long and 150 m wide strait every six hours, with water speeds reaching 22 knots (about 40 km/h)"
Frank Alvegg, 2011

"The worlds fiercest maelstrom. Best adrenalin kick ever. But beware - with the tide this is only for people with experience! Between the tide it's still a thrill. Diving in cold waters Norway, Iceland, etc is underated since fewer people do this - but it is extremely rewarding. "
Tommy Pedersen, 2008

"One of The worlds top ten National Geographic say, and I for one believe them. In terms of nature and extreme diving this is the place. "
Rolf-Arne Nicolaisen, Saltströmmen Dive Guide

Tide at Saltströmmen by Htoyryla, (CC BY 3.0)


"More extreme (than Saltströmmen), and in some parts more spectacular, in the terms of fauna and animal life "
Rolf-Arne Nicolaisen


Four hours drive north of Saltströmmen. There are over 30 wrecks here, sunk during the second world war.

"Wreck heaven. Plenty from second world war. "
Frank Alvegg, 2011

Lofoten Isles

During summer whales visit the Lofoten Isles, which are above the arctic circle.

SS Frankenwald

This German steamship ran aground in 1940. No lives were lost as the crew were rescued by a local fisherman. The ship lies between 24 and 40 meters, but the upright masts reach to within 5 m of the surface. As well as a very interesting wreck, you will see the captains's bath with large pollock swimming around.

Pollack. Tim Nicholson

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