Diving the Mauritius

7 January 2022
Mauritius is an African island group in the Indian Ocean, about 800 km from Madagascar. Famous as the home of the Dodo, the main island from which the group takes its name is almost fully surrounded by a coral reef.

Best dive sites in Mauritius?

The best diving is in the more sheltered northwest of Mauritius, and this area is the nearest to the other islands. One of these, Coin de Mire, has possibly the best diving: walls, wrecks and canyons. Its dive sites inlcude the Djabeda wreck. For sharks go further out to the Flat island and the Shark Pit dive. For shark diving on Mauritius itself visit the Passage of Belle Mare on the east which also has great drift dives. The most famous dive is the Cathedral in the west, but this is also the most busy area.

In 2020 an oil spill from a Japanese ship - the Wakashio - caused damage to the reefs in the southeast. It was said to be using an experimental fuel.

Coin de Mire, Mauritius
View from Coin de Mire, Mauritius. Photo credit: Sergey Zhesterev/Unsplash

When to go

You can dive year round in Mauritius, but the best time is between November and April when visibility is good and the water warmer - at up to 28 oC in March. This is the rainy season, particularly January and February, but showers are short. It tends to be more windy in the winter from May to October, and water temperatures average from 23-25 0C.

What you need to know

Medical facilities in Mauritius are good, but take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel. If you need an ambulance dial 114.

The currency is Mauritius rupees. US dollars are often accepted but at a poor exchange rate.

No-one needs a visa to enter the Mauritius, just a valid passport and a return ticket valid within 60 days of entry.


Mauritius is planning to open its borders to tourists again from mid 2021.

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Dive Sites of the Mauritius

Passe St Jacques
Le Morne, Southwest Mauritius

Reviews: 5 stars

"Brilliant dive. Saw Jenkins Rays, Eagles rays, Huge Travelly and huge Vara Vara and an octopus. Overall plenty of fish. Big and small. All the guys who worked there were brilliant."
Martin, UK
White Tip
Le Morne, Southwest Mauritius

Reviews: 4 stars

"Sharks - 2 Big ones. Excellent Viz."
Martin, UK
Flic en Flac, West Mauritus

Drop-off, boulders, arches and cave. From 18 to 30 m. The main attraction is a large cavern from which the dive gets its name. Sunlight percolates down illuminating the space.

"Cave dive, lots of small colourful fish, crayfish, mollusks"
Coral Garden
Northwest Mauritius
"12-18 m. Full of coral with very good fish."
Iqbal Yacoob
Emilly and Water Lilly
Northwest Mauritius
"Two barges with very much fish colour and feel great to be there at 25mts max. Do not forget to take your camera if you do not have one as a great dive!"
Iqbal Yacoob
Wreck of the Stella Maru
Northwest Mauritius

A wreck of a fishing trawler which the Mauritius Conservation Society sank for an artificial reef. Maximum depth 27 m.

"The Stella Maru, the Japanese fishing boat, is lying on the sand just in front of the corals and reef, at 25 m max. It has been there for about 15 years with very good life."
Iqbal Yacoob
Djabeda Wreck
Coin de Mire

Upright at maximum 34 m, the Djabeda was a Japanese fishing boat. It is around 45 m long with many soft corals and fish including barracuda. You might also see dolphins.

Shark Pit
Flat Island

About an hour's boat ride from Grand Baie in the north of Mauritius. The pit is a cave where the roof has fallen in. Nineteen metres across, it has become a favourite place for sharks. The entrance to the pit is at 10 m.

Silvertip shark
Silvertip shark. Photo credit: Albert Kok, CC BY-SA 3.0
Passage of Belle Mare
East Mauritius

Tidal currents run along this passage, bringing nutrients and attracting many species including sharks. The are several dive sites in this area, including a drift dive.

The Mauritius Diving Operators and Liveaboards

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Emperator Dive Centre
Anse la Raie

Lagoon Attitude Hotel e
Coastal Road e
Anse la Raie
Tel: +230 204 88 43
Whatsapp: +230 525 66 104

Reviews: 4 stars

"Did several dives with Emperator Dive Centre in Cap Malhereux on the North side of the island. Professional and a fantastic centre to dive with. Lots of 25 - 32m dives off Coin de Mire Island with a wonderful variety of sea life."
Vanessa Ryan

Orca Dive Club Mauritius
Grand Baie

Royal Road
Riviere Du Rempart
See more

Ocean Spirit

Ocean Spirit
Coastal Road
Pereybere 30546
Mauritius Island
Tel: 230 263 4468
Whatsapp: +230 5255 2732
E-mail: info@osdiving.com

"We are a little dive center in the north of the Island, small and friendly to change a bit from the big Industries."
Exploration Sous-Marine LTEE
Flic Flac

Villas Caroline Hotel
Flic en Flac
Tel: +230 453 8450

AKWABON - Island Diving Center
Le Morne

Indian Resort
Pointe Sud Ouest
Le Morne
Tel: +00230/57582375

Further Reading and References

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An excellent, comprehensive guide to reef fishes, which is small and light enough to pack regardless of amount of diving equipment. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to identify the fish they see whilst diving the tropics.
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