Book Review: Coral Reef Fishes: Indo-Pacific & Caribbean

Collins Pocket Guide: Coral Reef Fishes
Ewald Lieske, Robert Myers; Collins, 400 pages, 2001.
Coral Reef Fishes
An excellent, compact, guide to over 2000 species of fish you're likely to see whilst diving on coral reefs. Each fish is illustrated in colour, with pointers to key distinguishing marks. Brief text covers where you are likely to spot the fish, and describes its habitat and lifestyle. You're further helped with identification by the book's diagnostic notes on the fish's family (wrasse family, angelfish family, etc).
An extremely useful book that manages to pack tons of information into a small, easily carried, volume. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to identify fish in the Caribbean, Red Sea, Andaman Sea, Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Now in its third edition, I have taken the first version on every journey I've made to the tropics and it is still the first book I turn to to discover what I have just seen.

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