SCUBA News 249
(ISSN 1476-8011)

SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011)
Issue 249 - March 2021

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Tiger shark

10 Best Dive Sites in the Caribbean

Which of the Caribbean dive sites to target when we can once again travel?

The wreck of the Zenobia

Why dive Cyprus?

Number one reason is the Zenobia, voted one of the best wrecks in the world.

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Book Review: Confessions of a Divemaster by Kris Mears

Confessions of a Divemaster

An easy to read autobiographical insight into the life of an international Divemaster.

The book is a personal account of Kris's life from leaving Wales in 2003 to 2018.

The initial part of the book covers a young Kris travelling across Australia, South East Asia and South America, during these travels he becomes a qualified diver and eventually a Divemaster.

The body of the book follows his career as a Divemaster, initially shore based then on liveaboards, the list of locations reads like a list of the world's top dive sites!

Initially Utila in Honduras, then the Maldives, Palau in Micronesia and the Philippines with a few more mixed in during time off.

Along the way he develops a passion for underwater photography and video so there is planty for those of you interested in this.

It's an easy book to read, Kris's style is representative of the time in his life, initially a slightly irritating backpacking teenager having a wild time before growing up and maturing into an experienced Divemaster. The final part of the book sees him in a shore based diving salesmen role and ends with him settled in the Philippines with his wife and 2 children.

A good insight into the life of a Divemaster and into the some of the world's greatest diving, you might want to read it before you plan your next diving adventure!

Reviewed by Andrew Reay-Robinson

You can buy the book from Amazon in Kindle (free!) or paperback (£12.99) format.
Confessions of a Divemaster by Kris Mears. 246 pages, Dec 2020. ISBN: 979-8550763384, ASIN : B08P29D6WG

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Diving News From Around the World

Our round up of the best underwater news stories of the past month. For breaking news see our Twitter page or RSS feed

shark cage diving

How to judge whether shark cage diving helps or harms wildlife
Wildlife tourism including white shark cage-diving is growing in popularity, but these industries remain highly contentious amongst divers, conservationists and scientists alike. New tool helps judge the impact.

Dolphin in boat wake

How to safeguard marine habitats AND increase fishing catches
Not to mention storing carbon to mitigate climate change.

Elysia marginata

Sea Slugs That Chop Off Their Heads and Grow New Bodies
Their severed heads get around just fine until they regenerate perfectly functioning, parasite-free new bodies, scientists say

Old print of whales

Sperm whales in 19th century shared ship attack information
Whalers' logbooks show rapid drop in strike rate in north Pacific due to changes in whale behaviour

Oil spill

Nano-engineered sponge could soak up oil spills in cold arctic waters
A sponge coated with a paraffin-like material can suck up 99 per cent of oil from water at low temperatures, offering a solution to crude oil spills in Arctic environments.

Ship with sails that don't look like sails - modern cargo ship

New age of sail looks to slash massive maritime carbon emissions
If ocean shipping were a country, it would be the sixth-largest carbon emitter, but change is on the way.


Small-Scale Fisheries Offer Strategies for Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
Small-scale fisheries, which employ about 90 percent of the world's fishers and supply half the fish for human consumption, are on the frontlines of climate change. They may offer insights into resilience.

Pillar coral

Researchers Stop Tissue Loss Disease in Rescued Pillar Coral
Scientists have successfully treated and rehabilitated diseased pillar coral rescued from the Florida Reef Tract.


Whale sharks grow new fins
Whale sharks are ncreasimgly suffering lacerations and abrasions through collisions with boats, but can heal in a matter of weeks. Plus, they can even re-grow amputated fins, the first time observed in sharks.

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