Meet the Author: Paul Naylor

Great British Marine Animals

Great British Marine Animals

Organised as an identification guide, what makes this book so special is the commentary on the behaviour of the animals featured. And, of course, the 350 delightful photographs. Unlike some guides, there are no blurred or cloudy images here. Every photo makes it into the book on its own merit.We talk to the author, Paul Naylor.

What prompted you to write the book?

My fascination for the creatures and a desire to tell people their stories. I also wanted to use the photographic material I had accumulated, some of which I think is unique in terms of animal behaviour.

What distinguishes your book from other sea life guides?

It has many more photographs and descriptions that illustrate the animals' behaviour and lifestyles, rather than simply acting as aids to identification. Wherever possible, sequences or pairs of photographs show what the animals get up to in terms of hunting, breeding, camouflaging, etc.

Favourite dive?

A shallow sandy bay in Devon with pollack hunting sand-eels, cuttlefish courting and masses of time underwater. The Red Sea isn't too bad either.

Where would you like to dive next?

The Isle of Man or Norway.

Worst Diving Experience?

Live-aboard boat way off Cornwall, dusk, December, dry-suit off, everyone else in cabin out of ear-shot. Almost fell overboard while peeing over-stern. What a stupid way to go!!

Paul is a marine biologist and underwater photographer. In the last 20 years, he has dived all over the world. Photographic credits include the California chapter in New Holland's Top Dive Sites of the World, the National Marine Aquarium calendar - Beneath Plymouth Sound, and dozens of articles on marine life in all the major UK dive publications.

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