Diving Fiji - soft coral

Diving Fiji

15 January 2018
When to go diving in Fiji? Fiji's dry season is from June to October. The visibility is best during these months, but the water is colder and it can be windy. April and May are calm and warm with plankton blooms: poor vis offset by the chance of seeing large, pelagic, plankton-eaters like manta rays. Avoid December to March as it is the hurricane season. Some resorts close in February and March.

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Dive Sites of Fiji

Fish FactoryTaveuni > Vuna Reef

Reviews: 5 stars

"Just amazing...I saw pilot whales up so close I looked them in the eye...so surreal, heaps of huge fish coming right past my mask! The soft corals on Vuna Reef, especially in the site wonderland were a tantalising sight: a true vision that seemed magic! I also saw a school of baracuda which I will never forget! Totally immense experience!
I have dived around Australia and the Red Sea, also the Maldives but Fijis warm waters and corals and diversity and abundance of marine life just blew me away...I will definately go back. The Fijian culture is very hippy style. Susies on Taveuni is totally isolated and the place to escape the crowds and get a true taste of Fiji above and under the water! "
Orgasm ReefTaveuni > Vuna Lagoon

Reviews: 5 stars

"Great open ocean diving on the outer edge of the Vuna Lagoon. Lots of pelagics, sharks, schools of barracuda, plus the whole local selection of soft and hard corals. Only accessible in calm ocean conditions, the swells, and surge underwater, make diving out here impossible on many days."
Abi, 2006
Rainbow ReefFiji > Taveuni
soft coral

Reviews: 5 stars

"A long reef that seems to never end. Top of reef is 8m/25ft and going down in a gradual slope until where reef meets the sand is 23m/75ft. Between that is just covered with soft corals and hard corals and fish thats so corlourful. That's how it got the name. With some current it brings them all out. Just like swimming in fish soup. Barracudas, travellys, turtles, garden eels, scorpionfish, puffers. You name it you'll find it there. Then dolphis at surface intervals. A must dive. World class. You will never these colors anywhere else in the world, underwater and on land. "
Jone Waitaiti
"Breathtaking!! Best Soft Coral Diving ever!"
Jamie, USA, 2008
Shark Fin Point

Reviews: 5 stars

"This site is a magnet for some large marine life. Expect to see several eagle-rays amongst the hundreds of barracuda that gather around a point in the reef that shoots out into the Koro Sea. Also in the area are dogtooth tuna, grey reef sharks and hammerhead sharks. If you can take your eyes off the big fish for a moment you will be rewarded by lush soft corals, crinoids and gorgonia fans along the reef."
Stuart Gow, 2006
Great White WallSomosomo Straits

Reviews: 5 stars

"Renowned as one of Fijiís top dive sites. Prepare to be awestruck by a steep wall that descends endlessly to the bottom, completely smothered in lush white soft coral. Off the deep edge of the wall you will find some pelagics. Often schools of batfish stop by to greet us while we drift along the wall. At the end of the dive is a deep swim-through cavern providing an exciting exit to an amazing dive."
Stuart Gow, 2006
"Everything about it is top class"
Paul Molloy, UK, 2007
" Great white coral on wall. Only one of four places in the world to see it. High speed current but beautiful scenary."
Scubajack, USA, 2008
" This is located in the Somo, Somo straights, Taveuni, Fiji. It has a huge number of soft Coral some which looks like snow flakes, and one dives through a large hole in the wall. There are large numbers of clown fish, parrot fish and other tropical fish, sharks, and barracuda. It is not a hard dive as long as the current is slack, but is probably an intermediate-advanced dive due to the depth."
Marilyn Drath, USA, 2012
Beqa Lagoon

Reviews: 5 stars

"40+ bull sharks being hand fed while you watch a few metres away. Amazing and life changing."
Gavin, Australia, 2014
"Viz outstanding (March). Shark feed (big bulls and tigers). If you have a fascination with 3 - 4 metre bull and tiger sharks I highly recommend the trip. To be within a couple of metres of these powerful beasts is an awesome experience.."
"Biggest Tiger shark ever."
Liam Tomkins, 2007
Robinson Crusoe Island

Reviews: 5 stars

"One of best dives ever, saw everything from turtles to manta rays (swimming round us!) to sharks, rolling beds of blue and red coral, fab nudibranchs, leaf fish and scorpionfish. Incredible!"
Gemma Steel
Wakaya Passage

Reviews: 5 stars

"Steep wall, deep blue, fast moving sharks everywhere including Great Hammerhead. Total adrenaline dive."
Lisa Torr, 2007
Split rockKadavu Isle

Reviews: 5 stars

"Kadavu Island is just not worth more than a one day two dive trip not worth seven days "
Adam Preston, Thailand, September 2016
"Loads of life hovering around these massive limestone rocks, great diving with swim throughs, tunnels, caves (the crystal cavern is awesome)."
Paul Coysh, UK, 2007
Astrolabe reef

Reviews: 5 stars

"Where to start? Pristine reef, super visibilty, turtles, rays, shark etc...and best of all not another boat in sight!"
Paul Coysh, UK, 2007
Noel's WallFiji
"This is a drift dive near Matangi and Quamea islands. All sorts of soft coral and large ocean going fish which include at times hammer head sharks, white tipped reef sharks, sea turtles as well as tropicals(lion fish, clown fish, tiny blue, large groupers, angel fish) are present. There are huge numbers of giant clams and other sea shells. The soft coral is purple, and there are also sea fans, staghorn coral, brain coral, and there are tiny sea horses hanging on some of the coral and sea worms, giant green moray eels, and spanish dancers. It is effortless and one floats past deep walls covered with sea life. Any level of diver can dive here."
Marilyn Drath, USA, 2012
Manta MountNamena Island
"This wonderful site is on the outside of a small barrier reef in the Namena ocean reserve. The deep blue Pacific brings plenty of nutrients which keep giant Manta here year-round. Lots of reef sharks and not to mention a massive abundance of fish life and pristine soft coral make this a fabulous site."
Dawie Olivier, January 2018

Fiji Diving Operators

If you own or manage a dive centre: get yourself added to our directory. Have you dived in Fiji? Let us know about the diving centre you used.

Beqa Adventure DiversRainbow Reef

Reviews: 5 stars

Beqa Adventure Divers
PO Box 343
Pacific Harbour
Tel: 679 345 0911
Fax: 679 345 0901
E-mail: adventuredivers@connect.com.fj

"Will love to dive with them again. Cheapest and the closest you can get to rainbow reef. Shore dive is the rainbow reef. Affordable rates. A nice secluded beach to your own. Four bures, five huge tents. Peaceful location. Great value for money. It's not where you stay, it's where you dive. Diving wise it's better than any I've been to. Easy access. Five minutes by boat and you will be in some of the world's best diving."
Jone Waitaiti
Dolphinbay Divers Retreat

Reviews: 5 stars

Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat
P.O. Box 213
Fiji Islands
Resort Tel: (679) 828 3001
Mobile: (679) 992 4001
Taveuni Tel: (679) 926 0145
E-mail: info@dolphinbaydivers.com

"Awesome company to enable divers to experience big sharks in their natural habitat. Not expensive however not dirt cheap. Would and will dive with them again. Boat okay no bathroom / hot water. Excellent value, good dive briefing, professional operation. A better dive experience than some."
Mat, Australia

Reviews: 5 stars

PO Box 10215
Nadi Airport
Tel: +679 670 2413
Fax: +679 670 2412
E-mail: info@aquatrekdiving.com

"Very, very professional, especially with handling and explaining sharks...well done."
Clee, Netherlands, 2009
Scuba BulaNadi

Based in the resort Seashell@Momi, Momi Bay, Nadi.

Scuba Bula
P.O. Box 2748
Tel: +679 6280190
E-Mail: info@scubabula.com

Tokoriki DivingNadi > Tokoriki Island

Tokoriki Diving
Tokoriki Island Resort
PO Box 10547
Nadi Airport


Wailoaloa Beach
PO Box Box 9168
Nadi Airport
Tel/Fax: ++ 679 6726111
E-mail: info@aquabluefiji.com

Aboard-a-Dream DiveZentral

Aboard-a-Dream Dive

Ovalau WatersportsOvalau

Ovalau Watersports
PO Box 149 Levuka
Tel: (+679) 344 0166
E-mail: dive@owlfiji.com

Taveuni DiveTaveuni Island

Taveuni Dive
Taveuni Estates
P.O. Box 89
Taveuni Island
Tel: (679) 8880063
E-mail: info@taveunidive.com

Fiji DivingMatangi Island

Fiji Diving
Matangi Island Resort
E-mail: info@matangi-island-fiji-resort.com

Fiji AggressorLiveaboard

Itineraries of Fiji Agressor include diving on Gau, Makongi, Namena, and Wakaya Islands.

Reviews: 1 star

"I had full charter of the Fiji Aggressor last month (Sept 2016). When we boaded the ship we were told that the Soft Coral Captial of the World had been destroyed by Cyclone Winston and we were taken on a different route to Kadavu Island. Here we spent six boring dive days searching for any signs of marine life. An underwarer desert where the occasional nudibranch became exciting and the handful of clusters of soft corals only made us more sad reminding us what we must be missing in the real Soft Coral Capital of the World.
After our liveaboard we travelled to the the north east Rakiraki Province and stayed at Wananavu Beach Resort with a 5 Star PADI dive center. Imagine our surprise and dismay to see the lovely pictures guests were brining back from their day scuba dive trips in the Bligh Waters. Healthy reefs and colourful corals. And this in the area we were told by Aggressor staff had been "completely destroyed and nothing left to see."
Comfortable but 'tired' - tatty carpets, mould in bathrooms, many sighting of cockroaches. Very poor value for money. Kadavu Island is just not worth more than a one day two dive trip not worth seven days "
Adam Preston, Thailand, September 2016

Fiji Accommodation

For hotels and resorts see the Agoda site...

Garden Island ResortTaveuni

P.O. Box 1B
Tel: +679 888 0286
Fax: +679 888 0288
E-mail: relax@gardenislandresort.com

Books to Take to Fiji

Coral Reef Fishes Coral Reef Fishes, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Harper Collins, 400 Pages, Paperback
An excellent, comprehensive guide to reef fishes, which is small and light enough to pack regardless of amount of diving equipment. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to identify the fish they see whilst diving the tropics.
Read the full review...
The Rough Guide to Fiji
304 pages, 2017


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