All Star Liveaboard Fleet in the Bahamas: Blackbeard, Aqua Cat, Morning Star, Sea Explorer, Cat Ppalu

Morning Star Liveaboard in the Bahamas

All Star Fleet Review

Comprising Aqua Cat, Morning Star, Sea Explorer, and Cat Ppalu this liveaboard fleet offers close encounters with Caribbean reef sharks, hammerheads, tiger sharks and other large animals in the Bahamas.

Morning Star and Sea Explorer are the "Blackbeard" cruises - year-round budget friendly trips with dormitory cabins.

Aqua Cat is larger and more luxurious: there are quad, triple, twin and stateroom cabins.

Cat Ppalu is a crewed yacht which you charter entirely for your group or family.

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Aqua Cat Liveaboard

Aqua Cat Liveaboard in the Bahamas

The largest and the newest member of the fleet. Eleven cabins can accommodate thirty people over three decks.

Aqua Cat Liveaboard Cabin

Underwater Photographers

Aqua Cat has special facilities for editing photos and videos

Blackbeard's Morning Star Liveaboard

Morning Star Liveaboard

The Morning Star motto is "Twice the Fun for Half the Price". Year-round budget friendly dive liveaboard trips. With up to 19 dives per week at Exuma Cays and all meals, snacks, and drinks including Rum Punch, wine and beer included.


Morning Star has 3 dormitory-style cabins with air-conditioning and 3 shared bathrooms. The boat has 18 bunks in dormitory style cabins. There are 5 double berths that can accommodate couples and have curtains for more privacy. There are also berths for single travellers.

Morning Star  cabin

Blackbeard's Sea Explorer Liveaboard

Blackbeard Sea Explorer Liveaboard

Another budget friendly dive boat sailing the Blackbeard's route. With drinks including Rum Punch, wine and beer included. Sea Explorer itineraries include diving on the Bahamas Exumas Cays and Southwest Eleuthera. Coral reefs, drop-offs, caves and blue holes. Divers can also explore wreck that was purposely sunk for the James Bond movies. Of course, the main attraction of this region is sharks - silky sharks, blacktip sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks and even tiger sharks.

Sea Explorer  cabin


Sea Explorer has a dorm cabin where 22 passengers can be accommodated. The boat has 18 bunks divided into 4 air-conditioned cabin areas. There are 5 double berths that can accommodate couples. They have curtains for more privacy. 3 of them also suited for single accommodation.

Cat Ppalu Liveaboard

Cat Ppalu liveaboard

Charter this catamaran with just twelve people. The experienced crew will take care of you on board, including delicious meals, equipment to eco-adventures, they even can show you the ropes from raising the mainsail and to explaining how wind power works. Activities like snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding as well as shore excursions are also available. The diving is at Exuma Cays.

Sea Explorer  cabin


The Cat Ppalu is a schooner rigged sailing catamaran with space for 12 passengers in 6 cabins. Four cabins have double beds and two other rooms with twin beds and can be shared. Cabins have air conditioning.

Which Bahamas Liveaboard to Choose?

Aqua CatBlackbeard Sea ExplorerBlackbeard Morning StarCat Ppalu
Newest boat offering "luxury" experienceBudget experience Budget experienceChartered yacht
30 divers in 11 cabins22 divers in dorm-style cabins22 divers in 9 dorm-style cabins12 divers in 6 cabins
31 m long19 m long19 m long20 m long

When to Go to the Bahamas?

Diving is possible all year round. The hurricane season, though, runs from June to November. From November to March hammerhead and the other migratory sharks arrive. April and May sees the arrival of the Mahi dolphinfish. The water is warm, from 24-29 oC May to December. The coldest months are January and February when temperatures sometimes dip to around 22 oC. The more southerly islands tend to be the warmest. Read More on diving the Bahamas.


All visitors are required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test taken no more than seven days prior to arrival.After obtaining a negative COVID-19 test result, travelers are then required to apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa, where they must upload the test result. Meanwhile, a rapid antigen test will be conducted upon arrival and then again after five days. The cost of the rapid tests is included in the cost of the visa.

At the end of your trip All Star liveaboards will organise antigen testing for your return. This will either be at the dock, or on the boat.


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Christopher Johnson, October 2018 5 Star Rating: Recommended
"I spent the last week of September 2018 out with Sea Explorer. The diving was lovely, the crew worked really hard to take great care of us, and the food was delicious. At this price, it's one of the best scuba diving bargains out there. I cannot recommend this enough!"