Scuba Diving Travel Insurance for the Over-60s

2 September 2020
it can be difficult when you are over 60 to get SCUBA diving travel insurance. However, Divemaster Insurance has no age limits.

Divers on the Rosalie Moeller - hope they had appropriate insurance
Get diving travel insurance to 40, 50 or even 80 m

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Dive Master Insurance

Dive Master Insurance policies now include coverage for some coronavirus related risks, including (depending on country of residence):

They don't cover if a relative or friend falls ill with COVID-19 and you want to cancel your holiday. Or if your government changes its advice about travelling to the country because of the pandemic. In this case your tour operator should provide a refund. Find out more.

Divemaster Insurance

Dive Master Insurance is different from most insurers in that they let you buy stand-alone diving insurance to accompany your existing travel insurance. You can buy diving cover with no depth limits. (Dives over 80 m should be supported, and deeper than 130 m must be agreed with the underwriters.) They also offer dive equipment insurance - including for camera flooding, technical diving and dive professional insurance.

Scuba diving travel insurance with no depth or age limits
Get diving travel insurance to 40, 50 or even 80 m

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We believe the details we've given here to be accurate, but please always read the policy details at the insurers' web sites to confirm. Details may be different depending on your country of residence.

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