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Divemaster Insurance

12 February 2024
Dive Master Insurance is different to other policies. There are no depth limits specified in their policies (dives over 80 m should be supported, and deeper than 130 m must be agreed with the underwriters.) They offer dive equipment insurance - including for camera flooding, technical diving insurance, club instructor liability insurance, dive professional liability insurance and stand-alone diving accident insurance to accompany your existing travel insurance. Find out more…

Unusually for travel and diving insurance, Dive Master Insurance also offers a 5% no-claims discount per year, up to a maximum of 20%, to existing policy holders.

Scuba diving travel insurance with no depth or age limits
Get diving travel insurance to 130 m or deeper

Dive Equipment Insurance

They guarantee to beat any like for like specialist dive equipment insurance quote by 10%.

Dive Master have been providing scuba insurance for over 25 years. You are covered no matter where you're diving.

Diving Accident Insurance with no Depth Limits

A personal accident plan for divers that covers you anywhere, no matter where you're diving.There are no depth limits! Just follow your associations guidelines. If you want to dive deeper than 130 metres a full dive profile and proposed safety and support measures must be submitted to underwriters for agreement.

They don't just apply your Diver Certification depth limit in any claim; they won't decline a claim on breach of depth limits unless it was a pre-planned and deliberate breach and directly caused the accident. Experience counts as much as certification. They consider your logged dives as well as your certification records before coming to the right claims decision. In fact, in over 30 years, they have never declined a diving accident claim because a diver breached their depth limit.

Pro Diver Liability

Insurance cover for instructing, supervising and guiding to all the recreational Certifying Associations training programmes on an annual worldwide basis excluding USA and Canada. The policy covers:

We believe the details we've given here to be accurate, but please always read the policy details to confirm. Details may be different depending on your country of residence.

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