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20 July 2020
Croatia's coastline is on the Adriatic Sea, the part of the Mediterranean sandwiched between Italy and the former Yugoslavia. Croatia has 66 inhabited islands and much of the best diving is off these.


Sea temperatures range from 7 oC in the winter to around 24 oC in summer. There can be massive differences in temperature between one area and another. Freshwater springs upwelling into the sea in some areas means the water can be pretty cold even in the summer months - take gloves and hood.

The best time to dive Croatia? You can dive between between May and November. It is quietest in September and October and the water is still warm then. Don't forget to take diving travel insurance.

Getting to Croatia

Many airlines fly to Croatia.

Covid-19 Regulations and Requirements

At the moment it is mandatory for passengers to wear face masks on public transport and taxis, in shops and other commercial premises. All EU/EEA nationals can freely enter. US citizens must present a negative covid-19 test not older than 48 hours. For more details and restrictions for other nationalities see here.

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Croatia Dive Sites

Brac Hvar Istra Korcula Podgora Rogoznica Tucepi Vis

18 m
Wreck, Istra

Istra (or Istria) is a large peninsula at the far north of Croatia.

"At 18m, old small sailboat,lot of marine life, stonewall from 4m up to 20m depth"
Dragan, DC MEDUZA, January 2017

Seahorses, Istra

"Seahorses habitat, a lot of fish, octopus. Max depth 18-35m"
Dragan, DC MEDUZA, January 2017

Cave Fraskeric, Istra

" Network of tunnels and caves throughout the island.Max depth 10-25m."
Dragan, DC MEDUZA, January 2017

Alains Cliff, Rogoznica

Rogoznica is on a peninsula which was once a small island called Kopara. It is just north of Split

Photo credit: Frane Kapic, CC BY-SA 4.0

Reviews: 5 Star Rating: Recommended

"A stunning wall dive which gave me vertigo the first time I dived it. The viz is excellent and the corals are stunning. "
Lisa Tedstill, England

Francesca da Rimini, Rogoznica

Sunk in 1944 by two spitfires, the Francesca da Rimini was a German cargo ship. Transporting ammunition, the ship exploded when under attack. Now the cargo load of guns is visible.

Reviews: 4 stars

"This is a lovely wreck which is fully intact and upright standing in 48m. You can still see the cargo of explosives on board. "
Lisa Tedstill, England

Vruja at Makarska Riviera, Tucepi

"Vrulja is an exciting dive site with a cave in 30m depth and a nice blue until purple vegetation at the wall around the cave. Even for trimix divers is that a good dive site 100m deep at the end of the canyons. Canyons are starting on 30m with a pinnacle and on 50m you can see some school of hake fishes from around 50 animals. "
Sebastian Theilig, owner of Butterfly-Diving Tucepi, Croatia, 2012

16 m
Zuc Kamen (Yellow Stone), Podgora
Pinna nobilis

Podgora is a busy tourist town, one and a half hour's drive down the coast from Split. Zuc Kamen is a short boat ride away from Podgora, about 300 m off shore. The water is cold, with thermoclines at 10 and 13 m. The dive comprises two strips of rocky outcrops, one at 9 m and one at 15 m. On this dive you can see a Pinna nobilis, the rare giant mussel which is is found only in the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the largest bivalves in the world, growing to 120 cm long. It sticks up out of the sea bed so is easily seen when diving, once you know what to look for.

Klokun (Resurgance), Podgora

Fresh-water springs emerge from the sea floor on this dive - very interesting. Loads of pretty blue nudibranchs - Facelina auriculata (previously known as Facelina coronata), feather stars, octopus. Down to a sandy bed at 5 m then down a slope to a gap in rocks and a cave entrance. Further down there is a larger cave at 25 m. The cave is a resurgance (fresh water upwelling) in wet weather. After the cave you can follow the slope up and across to a series of resurgances. The water is cold and very blurry where the salt and fresh water mix. A good, if cold, dive.

Island Brac

"Better than most places I've been to in Croatia, if not the best. "
Roni, August 2015

Tatinja, Island Brac
Kabal, Island Brac
Island Brac Purple Bay

"Purple bay consists of four drop-offs, each of them a separate dive site. The rough walls with their many holes and notches are home to a wide variety of marine plants and animals, such as scorpionfish, sea fans, gold sponges and many more. If you're lucky you can even see the spotted shark there, which is very impressive with its length of approximately 1.20 m. This dive sites are very good for rebreather and nitrox diver "
Sebastian Theilig, owner of Butterfly-Diving Tucepi, Croatia, 2012

Island Hvar Amphoras, Hvar Island

"In the north of the island Hvar, right in front of a stony reef with many small caves, a long field with old amphoras stretches along depths of 12m to 28m. The amphoras belonged to a Greek ship that ran aground and lost its cargo. Now they offer shelter to many fish. The neighboring seagrass-fields on the other hand are home to many sea-slugs. "
Sebastian Theilig, owner of Butterfly-Diving Tucepi, Croatia, 2012

Sveta Marina, Korcula

Korcula is 20 miles long and around miles wide. South from the islands of Brac and Hvar, it is quieter here. It is the sixth largest island in Croatia and lies between Split and Dubrovnik.

"Tremendous wall, down to 50 meters, colourful sponges and gorgonia fans, snappers, lobsters, octopuses "
Rob, Italy, 2007

Boka wreck, Korcula

"Superb wreck dive in crystal clear Adriatic at 10-15 m. Novice to any level can enjoy this one. Lovely walls in the vicinity with fantastic colours. "
Tom Watson

Fortunal, Vis Island

The island of Vis is one of the furthest away from the Croatian mainland.

Wreck of a fishing boat which sunk in 1991. Lies from 45 - 55 m at the bottom of a wall.

Reviews: 5 Star Rating: Recommended

"Wreck which left me breathless "
Marta, 2012

23-50 m
Taranto wreck, Dubrovnik

The anchor line is tied to the bow at 23 m. The stern lies at 50 m. An Italian transport ship in WWII, she hit a mine and sank in the Grebeni islands, close to Dubrovnik. She was carrying tractors and flour.

"The ship was carrying tractors and was sunk during WW2. If I do recall well, the boat is at 45meters and the tractors are at 52meters. I did not go see the tractors, the boat was deep enough for me. "
Guy Gagnon, 2015

Croatia Diving Operators

Recommend a dive operator or list your diving company on this page.

Dive boat in Croatian harbour

Croatia Divers
Korcula Island
Lumbarda Blue

Uvala Racisce kbr. 48
20263 Lumbarda
Tel: +385 (0)95 560 6992

Dive Centre Pongo
Gornji Muli
22000 Sibenik
Tel: +385 (0)22 559 101
Fax: +385 (0)91 6799 022
E-mail: pongo@dcpongo.com

"I have been diving with Pongo for the last 2 years and this is a fantastic small and friendly dive outfit. It is especially good for small groups and lone travellers. The accommodation was all inclusive courtesy of Pongo. Self catering in superb apartments overlooking the bay. There are no single supplements for lone travellers."
Lisa Tedstill, England, 2007

ISSA Diving Center

ISSA Diving Center
Tel: 00385 21 713 651
Mobile: +385 91 2012 731
E-mail: info@scubadiving.hr

Diving safaries throughout the Adriatic Sea, Croatian coast. Maximum 16 divers on board.

E-mail: konkordia@st.htnet.hr

Neptun Diving Center

Neptun Diving Center
Lokvisc'a 12d
51515 Silo
Krk Island
Tel: +385 51 604404
Fax: +385 51 604403
E-mail: info@neptun-silo.com

Krk Diving

Krk Island
E-mail: info@krkdiving.com

Diving Center Poseidon

Diving Center Poseidon
Tribunjska bb 22212
Tel: 022 446 500
E-mail: info@cro-diving.com

Birgmaier Sub

Podgora is a busy tourist town on the mainland, one and a half hour's drive down the coast from Split.

Branimirova obala 109
21327 Podgora
Tel: +385 (0)91 563 3067
E-mail: oleg@birgmaier-sub.com

Island Brac
Big Blue Diving
Put Zlatnog rata 42
21420 Bol
Island Brac
Tel: +385 98 425 496

Reviews: 5 Star Rating: Recommended

"Will definitely dive with them again."
Roni, Croatia, August 2015

Diving Center Viking

Hvar 21450
Podstine bb
Tel/fax: +385 21 742529
GSM: +385 91 5689443
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Butterfly Diving Center

Tucepi is on the mainland, opposite Brac island and just up from Podgora.

At the harbour of Tucepi
Tel: 00385 21 623 777
E-mail: Dive@Butterfly-Diving.hr

Diving Center Blue Planet
Diving Center Blue Planet
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Masarykov put 20
20 000 Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 (0)91/ 899 0973
E-mail: info@blueplanet-diving.com

Abyss Diving School
Abyss Diving School
Hotel Rixos Libertas
Liechtensteinov put 3
20000 Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 99 445 5695

Adriatic Diving Safari

Kornati d.o.o.
Zaglav 15
23281 Sali
Tel: +385 91 506 0102, +385 91 367 9506, Tel: +386 41 325 233
E-mail: info@diving-safari.hr

Motor yacht Kamelija is 27 meters long with three decks and seven cabins.

Leomar Diving Center

German and Croatian managed. Offer apartments above the dive centre, good for families with children. Dive around Solta and the surrounding islands.

Stomorska Ronilacki Centar
Riva pelegrin 47
21432 Stomorska
Tel: 00385 955189094
E-mail: tomonovakovic977@gmail.com

Diving Center Tramonto

German and Croatian managed. Offer apartments above the dive centre, good for families with children. Dive around Solta and the surrounding islands.

Stjepana Radica 13
Tel: 00385 98 843 233
E-mail: divetramonto@divetramonto.com


A wide selection of hotels or private accommodation near the club. Boat diving on request is available.

Koparska 29
Tel: ++385/95 900 2446
E-mail: rcmeduza@gmail.com

Further Reading

Sea Fishes of the Mediterranean Including Marine Invertebrates
by Lawson Wood, 128 pages, New Holland Publishers, 2011, Paperback.
Compact guidebook to 289 species. Designed for divers, snorkellers and underwater photographers.
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