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Dugong photo

Photo copyright Suzanne Challoner.
Dugong, Dugong dugon
Taken at Abu Dabab, Egyptian Red Sea.

Also known as a sea cow, Dugongs feed in the seagrass beds of the Indo-Pacific. They are the only herbivorous, truly marine mammal. (The related manatee spends some of its life in fresh water.)

Being a slow swimmer, you'll find dugongs in sheltered lagoons and bays in warm water such as are found in the Red Sea (eg Marsa Alam), East Africa, the Philippines, and Australia.

They can eat as much as 40 kg (88 lb) of seagrass a day, leaving distinctive troughs in seagrass meadows. Dugongs are natural prey for sharks, killer whales, and crocodiles, but they are most vulnerable to human activities. Hunting has drastically reduced dugong populations in some areas. Dugong habitat is under pressure from coastal development, pollution and other degradation.

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