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Ulysses photo

Photo copyright Tim Nicholson.
Taken on the Ulysses, Red Sea, Egypt.

On the 16th August 1887 the Ulysses had left Suez and entered the Red Sea. In the early hours she struck Island of Gobal Seghir, in the busy Straits of Gobal. The damage at first seemed slight and another ship was asked to send for assistance from Suez. The Ulysses was grounded on a coral reef just north of Bluff Point. However, it was not until the 20th that help arrived and by then the reef had inflicted major damage on the ship and it had to be abandoned. The Ulysses is 91 m long. Her stern is at 27 m and bows in the shallows. She is covered in soft corals and contains many fish

Further Reading
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Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea by Ned Middleton; Immel Publishing, 196 pages.

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