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Trailer on theThistlegorm

"Trolleyacc" on the wreck of the Thistlegorm (Red Sea)
Photo copyright Tim Nicholson, whose underwater photographs and photo books are available from

The Thistlegorm was what made me take up diving in the first place and I’ve since dived it almost 20 times.
You’ve got a great selection of photos but the one referred to in as a trailer above has what I believe to be an incorrect caption (
since changed) that has been made by a number of authors / divers.
The subject is not a trailer in the normal sense – it is far too small to carry anything worthwhile and the wheels / tyres are nothing like those on the trucks i.e. suitable for dessert use.
I have a photo taken at the RAF Museum before my last visit to the Thistlegorm of what was known as a ‘trolleyacc’ a battery or accumulator used to start aircraft engines.
The connecting cable in both our photos is identical.
I hope that you find this information useful.

Roger, 2012

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