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A divers' guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife

Book Review: A divers' guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife

A divers' guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife
Andrea and Antonella Ferrari, Nautilus Publishing, 468 pages (2003).

A divers' guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife

Although it's always exciting to see big animals underwater, it's the smaller stuff that can provide the most absorbing dives. These creatures are not always easy to identify, but this new photographic guide makes the task considerably easier. Not just for dive sites of Malaysia as the title suggests, you'll find it useful throughout the Indo-Pacific from the Maldives to Australia.

As well as being an identification guide, the book gives tips on how to take a good photo of each animal. They've even included some previously undocumented species, with a plea to readers for any further information. With the exception of corals and sponges, most types of animal are covered from nudibranchs to fish, and a massive 600 species are described. Notes on the animals behaviour and habitat are given.

There are some surprising entries and omissions from the book, until you realise that it is not size that is the deciding factor but the ability of the animal to be photographed with a macro lens. So a large octopus and crocodile fish make an appearance, but small active fish like fire basslets are excluded.

Is it worth buying? Definitely. It's compact, well laid out with clear photographs - over 800 of them - and loads of information.

About the Authors
Andrea and Antonella Ferrari have been regular visitors to Malaysia for many years. Andrea is a movie journalist and film critic whilst Antonella works at a publishing company. They have published several photographic books and diving guides, including Reef Life, Wonders of the Coral Reefs and Sharks.

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