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Best Diving in February

5 March 2024
Where in the world to dive in February? Five of the best destinations.

February is particularly good for shark lovers and is a month with dive highlights around the globe.

1. Bahamas

Shark fans should head to the Bahamas to enjoy the various species of shark encountered during Bahamas liveaboard diving. The entire archipelago of 700 islands is a shark sanctuary and is particularly well-known for tiger shark dives at Tiger Beach.

Shark diving in the Bahamas.
Shark diving in the Bahamas. Image courtesy of Aqua Cat.

2. Thailand

Thailand is also a great February destination, hosting the beginning of the manta ray season in the Andaman Sea. To see these massive fish visit Richelieu Rock or the Similans. At Richelieu Rock you may also be lucky enough to see whale sharks. Two other world class dive sites which are in Thailand which are terrific at this time of year are Hin Daeng and Hin Moung. These seamounts are feeding grounds for pelagic fish.

Manta ray night divek
Manta ray at night. Photo: Daisuke Kurashima/Depositphotos

3. South Africa

Another good place to see whale sharks at this time of year is Sodwana Bay in South Africa. The whole area is a National Park, and has been since 1950, with diving permitted in just a relatively small section. The protection has resulted in piles of fish with many resident and visiting species.

Whale Shark
Photo credit:Tim Nicholson

4. Indonesia

Raja Ampat and Komodo in Indonesia are fantastic liveaboard destinations in February, where divers can experience colourful dives and abundant marine life. One of the best things about Komodo is the large number of dive locations that provide opportunities to experience manta rays, Komodo dragons, pygmy seahorses and vibrant coral reefs. Raja Ampat is also spectacular, with over 1500 species of fish and 537 species of coral to enjoy.

leafy seadragon
Leafy Seadragono

5. Micronesia

Palau is renowned for its sharks which are seen in great numbers in February, March and April. As well as its resident fish, large pelagic species like silky shark, manta rays, bigeye tuna, marlin and swordfish also visit.
Silky sharks
Silky sharks. Depositphotos

by Kathryn Curzon, of Additional material by Jill Studholme.

Have you any recommendations for great diving in February? Get in touch.


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