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Trumpet fish  Photo

Photo copyright Tim Nicholson.
Taken on Big Brother in the Egyptian Red Sea.
Trumpetfish, Fistularia commersonii
Also known as Cornetfish or Flutemouth.

Growing up to 150 cm in length, it has a long snout with a pair of short, weak, jaws holding minute teeth. A stalking predator, it feeds on crustaceans and diverse fish including the lionfish. The lionfish itself is a predator, with venomous spines, and is usually safe from other fish. The cornetfish, though, ambushes it from behind.

The tail fin of the cornetfish has a long filament running off it. This is lined with sensory pores which may act as a long-range system for detecting prey.

Instead of scales the cornetfish has small spines embedded in its skin. It is usually silvery green in colour with wavy blue lines.

The fish may be solitary or in schools.

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