Diving Tunisia

9 February 2023
With its clear waters, diverse marine life and rich cultural heritage, Tunisia offers a unique diving experience.

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When to dive Tunisia

The best time to go scuba diving in Tunisia is from June to September, during the summer months. The water temperature during this time can reach up to 26oC. The visibility is also excellent.

Diving areas of Tunisia

Dive Sites of Tunisia

For dive tourists most of the diving offered is either in the north east of the country between Hammamet and Mahdia, or on Djerba island in the south. There is also good diving in the north - especially the marine reserve at La Galite islands - but no dive boat operates there at the moment.


Monastir is a small peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea. There are two dive centres here.

Pigeon Island

Also known as Ghedamsi, there is much Mediterranean marine life here from a sea grass meadow to two cliff walls. Groupers, sea anemonomes, crabs, congor eels, sole, red mullet…

Dusky Grouper
Dusky Grouper. Sakis Lazarides/DepositPhotos

Mahdia is south of Monastir. It has one dive centre.

Mahdia is a touristic town which was the capital of the Fatimide society from the year 905 to 956. About 10 minutes away by boat there are many wrecks from the second world war in 38 and 45 meters. To dive these wrecks contact the Subway Diving School in Mahdia.

PLM 20 Wreck

This French-owned cargo steam ship was built in 1920 in England. She set sail from Sfax in 1942, heading for Bizerta in the north of Tunisia, with a cargo of phosphates. She never reached there being torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Unbeaten 5 nautical miles east of Mahidia.

The PLM 20 now lies between 36 and 50 m down on her right hand side. 110 m in length, you can see crockery and bottles of beer. Schools of Amberjacks swim near the wreck and a huge grouper will keep a keen eye on you.


This rocky reef reaches 15 m deep and is studded with caves and canyons.


Djerba is an island in the south of Tunisia. One of the attractions of the island is its historic town of Houmt Souk, which is home to several traditional markets, historic buildings and colorful streets. Another landmark is the Ghriba Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues in Africa and a pilgrimage site for Jews.

Houmt El Souk in Djerba
Houmt El Souk in Djerba. Narda Gongora/DepositPhotos
Edda (Ricardo) wreck

The Edda was an Italian cargo ship, 123 m long, stravelling from Tripoli to Trapani. She was torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Unbroken and sank south east of Djerba. Shortly after the sub also sank the Eso.

The Edda now rests at 22 m. She has crockery on board labelled Ricardo, so is also known by that name. Sealife here include grouper and nudibranchs

Eso wreck

The RM Eso was an Italian navy ship built in 1919. She was torpedoed by the British submarine, the HMS Unbroken, on 19th January 1943.

Octopus reef

This rocky reef is a 1 km long canyon, home to many octopuses. Not only octopus though, you may also see turtles as well as grouper, parrot fish and oysters.

Common octopus
Common octopus. Luboslav Ivanko/DepositPhotos
Port el Kantaoui

First open water dive - experience included plenty of marine life and a little 'cave' diving


Tabarka lies on Tunisia's northern coast, on the border with Algeria. As the photo shows there is good diving. Find a Tabarka dive operator

Diver and grouper (Epinephalus guaza) at Tabarka. Angelo Giampiccolo/DepositPhotos
La Galite

La Galite is a protected marine reserve. The area is known for its clear waters and vibrant reef systems. The archipelago is situated approximately 120 km to the north of the city of Tunis, in the Cape Bon region.

Their stunning landscapesare characterized by rugged cliffs, rocky shores and clear waters. The largest of the islands, Galite Island, is the most well-known.

In the past he islands were used as a safe haven by pirates and as a base for their operations. Now they remain relatively unspoiled: there is limited infrastructure on the islands, but there are a few small hotels and restaurants, and visitors can also camp on the beaches. The surrounding waters are home to a diverse range of marine life, including dolphins, the giant mussel Pinna nobilis, turtles, red coral and a colony of rare monk seal, making them a popular destination for diving.

Russian wreck at La Galite
Russian Wreck. Angelo Giampiccolo/DepositPhotos

Sadly the one dive boat visiting La Galite appears no longer to operating.

Tunisia Diving Operators

Most of the dive centres are either in the tourist areas in the north east of the country, or on Djerba in the south.

Monastir Diving and Leisure

CMAS dive centre at the Marina in Monastir. Dive sites visited include Pigeon Island, Little Rocks and Groupers Hole,

Jamel Tounsi
Port de Plaisance
Cap Marina
Skype: mafia.island
Tel:00 216 73 462 509

Aqua Rangers Diving Center

Aqua Rangers Diving Center
Monastir Marina
Tel: +216 29 537 636

Subway Diving Centre

Open from the 15th May until the 30th October. Dive sites include Grouper Rock and the wrecks of the Napoli, Phantom, PLM 20, Ariosto

Club de Plongee "SUBWAY"
Vieux Port de Peche Mahdia
Mahdia 5100
Tel/Whatsapp: 00216 98 55 65 42

La Sirène

Affiliated with PADI and CMAS. Dive sites include Edda (Ricardo) wreck, Eso wreck and many other wrecks.

Tourist Zone | Beach Hotel Isis
Djerba 4116
Tel: +216 98 423 718


Open from March 1 to November 15. Dive sites include Sidi Yati caves, Rock octopus canyon, Alga wreck, Korda wreck and Ricardo wreck

Sidi Yati 1 Beach
4116 Midoun
Tel: (+216) 53 451 114

Blue Dolphin

Affiliated with SSI, ADIP and CMAS.. Dive sites include Sidi Solomon rocks, Rock octopus, Eso wreck, Attitala wreck and Ricardo wreck

Plage de l'hotel Iberostar Mehari
Djerba Island
Tel: 00216 97 381 396


Affiliated with PADI and CMAS. Dive sites include Eso wreck, Edda (Ricardo) wreck, Palmaiola wreck, Rock octopus and Ricardo wreck

Near the lighthouse

Yasmine Diving Centre

Affiliated with SSI, ADIP and CMAS.

Port Jasmine
Al Hammamet
Tel: 21698319741

Le Centre de Plongèe Étoile Mer

Port de plaissance

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