Book Review: Vertical Descent

Vertical Descent
by Steve Turley
Checkpoint Press, 2008
412pp. 11.99

Vertical Descent is a diving adventure novel set in Corsica.

The story is set in south west Corsica and begins during the second world war with the sinking of a German U-Boat. It then switches to the present day where the action is set.

The plot includes the sunken U-Boat, which is full of gold, Nazis who stole the gold, a Corsican nationalist organisation with terrorist tendencies, murder, intrigue and a beautiful Swiss underwater archaeologist - you got it! It's one for the beach or between dives on a liveaboard.

The plot is well thought through, engaging and easy to read but runs to over 400 pages which in my view was on the long side.

I took the book on holiday to read on the beach between dives and on the whole enjoyed it. One criticism: I felt the frequent "lectures" on diving, technical diving, archaeology, history and Corsica somewhat irritating and as I said a few pages less would not have detracted from the plot.

Overall as a holiday novel - Great!

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Review by Andrew Reay-Robinson

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"I disagree with above comments - I enjoyed the book and felt the diving and other 'lectures' raised it above just another adventure novel, particularly for divers."
Gary Cutter, UK

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