Book Review: Nudibranchs and Sea-slugs

Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs

Nudibranchs and Sea-slugs of the Isle of Man
by Tim Nicholson
November 2022
ISBN: 978-2-1-7391354-0-9
174 pages

How to spot more nudibranchs
I love nudibranchs. When on a dive I am always excited to see one, especially one I haven’t seen before. I even once rejected doing another dive on “Manta alley” in favour of going nudibranch hunting instead. (And I’m quite fond of manta rays as well.) And after having read this book I’m now much better informed of how to find the nudibranchs. It’s obvious, can’t think why I didn’t think of it before, they are mostly on, or close to, their food. Find out what they like to eat and you’re half way there. Or if you see their ribbons of eggs, they are often close by.

This pretty Nudibranch feeds on the Bryozoan Electra pilosa which forms mats on the surface of kelp and other algae.
Yellow Clubbed Nudibranch, Limacia clavigera, taken on the Clan McMaster. Often spotted on kelp fronds. Photo: Tim Nicholson

Exquisite photos
The book includes 171 exquisite photographs of nudibranchs and other sea-slugs taken in the Irish Sea. It is not only a beautiful identification guide but also offers a broad introduction to the world of nudibranchs. Don’t be misled by the title Nudibranchs and Sea-slugs of the Isle of Man – it is useful both for anyone diving in the British Isles and for those elsewhere who are fascinated with the animals. All the photos, though, were taken in the Isle of Man and referenced by dive site.

Violet nudibranch, Edmundsella pedata. Previously known as Coryphella pedata and Flabellina pedata. Photo: Tim Nicholson

It’s absolutely great for flicking through to identify what you’ve just seen though, with a large photo on the right hand page and the description on the left.

30 mm long nudibranch with bulbous pinecone cerrata
Doto fragilis – a dendronotid nudibranch. Photo: Tim Nicholson

The book is now available from the Sea Search site.

Tim Nicholson holding his nudibranch book in book shop
The author at a book signing event. Image: Heidi Ingun Skillicorn

Disclaimer, Tim Nicholson is an old friend of mine – we learnt to dive in the same dive club. Many congratulations to Tim on this beautiful book. And if you are at all interested in nudibranchs – buy it.

Tim Nicholson (2022) Nudibranchs and Sea-slugs of the Isle of Man. Drinking Dragon Publications ISBN: 978-2-1-7391354-0-9

About the Author

Underwater photographer Tim Nicholson learnt to dive in 1984 and since then has logged thousands of dives. Now based in the Isle of Man, he specialises in photographing nudibranchs.


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