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Meet the Author: Mike Zinsley

Rapture of the Deep

The Rapture of the Deep

The Rapture of the Deep is a classic travel book with an underwater setting. Here is an exclusive interview with the author, Mike Zinsley.


What prompted you to write the book?

I originally intended the book for an audience of fellow diving professionals who could relate to anecdotes of our "existence" overseas. Due to outside interest, it expanded into a monster that had to be wrestled to the ground with editing and further writing... The initial storytelling chapters were easy.

Which authors influenced you when writing the book?

P.J. O'Rourke is my favourite travel writer. If you don't know him, try "Holidays in Hell." Pico Iyer was in there somewhere, even though I ignored his travel story pattern when doing mine. Dave Barry, the Miami columnist, is an inspiration to all writers. He can write hilariously about something as mundane as his frontyard lawn.

Favourite Dive?

New Dropoff in Palau under special circumstances. See the chapter "Fish Daydreams" in my book, The Rapture of the Deep.

Where would you like to dive next?

For recreation, Maldives, Red Sea and a return trip to Fiji. For work, Hin Daeng with Phra Nang Diving School out of Krabi, Thailand.

Worst diving experience?

Worst diving experience was working with high-strung customers who couldn't unwind and expected too much. I actually had someone complain that I "smiled too much."

Mike is currently working for himself as an engineering geologist in the San Francisco bay area in California. He picks up summertime (dry season) overflow work from local consultants. When the rains start in November and the work drops to nil, he makes his annual migration south to the tropics.

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