Book Review: Dive Sites and Marine Life of the Calf of Man

Dive Sites and Marine Life of the Calf of Man
Bill Sanderson, Bruce McGregor and Andrew Brierley, Immel Publishing Ltd, 1994, Paperback.
Diving the Calf of Man
The Isle of Man boasts some excellent diving and this book describes some of the best dive sites in the south of the island. It is written by three marine biologists, based on their extensive personal experience of diving the area. The detailed and enthusiastic descriptions of the local marine life set this book apart from other dive guides, and there are lots of colour photos to help with identification. The book also covers background history of the Calf of Man islet and local shipwrecks. Diving information includes launch sites and local services.
For each dive site entry there is a map, a photograph of the shoreline, a detailed description of the site and information about the marine life to be found. The information given is very clear and dives sites can be easily found. Information on tides and times of slack water are also given, these are essential as currents at some sites are severe and dangerous. The dives described range from scenic sites suitable for beginners to wickedly fast drift dives for the (much) more experienced. A sea cave dive and a wreck dive add variety. A very readable book that is a must for any diver thinking about a trip to the Isle of Man.
Another good book is Dive Isle of Man by Ben Hextall and Maura Mitchell. This Diver Guide has less detail on the southern sites but includes functional descriptions of a much larger number of sites from all around the island.

Review by Dr Janette Gledhill

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