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Turtle, Yongala, Australia

Photo copyright Tim Nicholson.
Tortuga Carey, Hawksbill Turtle
Taken off Yongala, Australia.

The Hawksbill is the smallest turtle found off Australia. It grows to 90 cm long with a weight of 80 kg.

Turtles generally return to breed on the islands where they were born. The hatchling turtles instinctively seek the brightest horizon, which on moonlit nights will be the direction of the sea. Although clumsy on land, they are agile and fast underwater.

Incubation temperature affects the sex of turtles. Higher temperatures favour female hatchlings whilst lower temperatures favour males. Turtles can travel over 1000 km in a single year. Because male turtles do not leave the sea (except to bask in the sun), most of the information we have about turtles is based on females.

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