SCUBA News 228
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SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011)
Issue 228 - June 2019

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Diving news from around the World

Mola Mola Divers, Oman

Enjoy Oman's best dive experience with Mola Mola Diving Center. Daily trips to Daimaniyat islands, Fahal island and John island.

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What's New at SCUBA Travel?


Diverse Diving in Mexico

The variety of Mexico's diving can not be beaten. From the Cenote flooded cave systems, to the wild Pacific coast, the popular Caribbean island of Cozumel, the white sharks of Guadalupe and the marvellous marine life of Baja California including the large pelagics at Socorro Island.
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Tuna in Sardinia

Explore Sardinia

Sardinia is surrounded by marine caves and cliffs shearing into the sea. You can dive here all year round.
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Manta Ray

Maldives' Manta Magic

Now is the time the manta rays congregate in the Maldives
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Featured Liveaboard - Caribbean Explorer II

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Diving News From Around the World

Our round up of the best underwater news stories of the past month. For breaking news see our Twitter page or RSS feed

Red Sea corals

Red Sea bans single use plastics
The ban covers items including disposable plastic bags, cutlery and cups, and aims to protect the area's unique sea life.

Deep sea ray

AI to shed light on deep sea species
With increasing threats facing the marine environment, scientists desperately need more information about what inhabits the seabed in order to inform conservation and biodiversity management.

Pilot whale

New subspecies of pilot whale discovered after 250-year-old theory proved correct
Short-finned pilot whales are found over a wide swath of the world's oceans, with habitats in the Indian, and Pacific, and North Atlantic oceans. Despite this wide distribution, the whales have been recognised as a single species--but a recent study has found that two unique subspecies actually exist.

Diving Italy

10% off Diving in Italy
Diving the Archipelago Toscano Marine Park, with wrecks, caverns and drop offs. 10% off at Argentario Divers with code 'ScubaTravelUK2020'


Sperm whale to dugong: where to see Australia's marine life
Study reveals the migration paths, mating and feeding habits of Australia's most majestic sea life with interactive tool. Follow the path of some of the world's most fascinating marine animals on their migration or use the tool to visit their key nesting and feeding locations.

Right Whale

Climate driving new right whale movement
Scientists discover that rapid warming in the Gulf of Maine's depths is changing food availability and increasing risk to one of the world's most endangered animals

Healthy coral

Changing how we predict coral bleaching
Coral bleaching events may occur more frequently in the Red Sea than previously thought, according to an algorithm developed by KAUST researchers. Their findings also indicate that the northern part of the Red Sea might not remain a thermal refuge for coral ecosystems for long.

Crab nets

To Save the Whales, Crab Fishers Are Testing Ropeless Gear
From devices designed to automatically cut the line, to crab pots that use no ropes at all, scientists are working to ease the threat posed by trap fishing.

New species of nudibranch

New Nudibranch species discovered in Europe
Divers searched for sea slugs around Europe: in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia and Russia. Even though the European nudibranch fauna is one of the best studied in the world, after detailed analysis of the specimens the scientists declared three new species.

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