SCUBA News 210
(ISSN 1476-8011)

SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011)
Issue 210 - November 2017

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Download Oman Fish ID app
Diving news from around the World

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What's New at SCUBA Travel?

The best scuba diving books reviewed

Pick a Diving Book

We review scuba books and interview diving authors
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You are almost guaranteed to see whale sharks from February to April

Which Honduras Island is best for Diving?

The best diving in Honduras is in the Bay Islands - Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. But which one to choose?
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Angel shark in Tenerife

Warm Water Diving in Europe

Year-round sun and on the same latitude as Sharm-El-Sheikh, now is a great time to dive the Canary Islands
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Download Oman Fish ID App

Those brave enough to dive in Oman's as yet little know waters will be interested in a great new App for iPhone and iPad just published by Richard Field and John Hoover.

John Hoover dived with Jack Randall to produce the fish bible for Oman, Coastal Fishes of Oman, whilst Richard Field wrote the excellent identification guide for divers titled Reef Fishes of Oman. You can download it from the iTunes Store.

Oman Fish ID App showing Arabian Butterflyfish

The app contains descriptions of 470 species with 900 Photos, ranging from Khasab on the Arabian Gulf to Salalah on the Yemen border. It contains fish from the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. Flip through screens like pages of a book, or find a fish quickly by color or shape. There are up to 5 photos per fish - showing juveniles, males, females and colour variations. You can even use the logbook feature to record sightings.

If you are interested in learning more about the diving around Oman, check out our website.

Diving News From Around the World

Our round up of the best underwater news stories of the past month. For breaking news see our Twitter page or RSS feed

Divers some years ago

Researchers need SCUBA Divers' Help
Plymouth University are researching the cardiovascular health of active scuba divers to develop 'fit to dive' guidelines for scuba diving. You can help by completing an online survey.


Seal Shooting Course at Scottish Uni provokes Outrage
Why not teach people how to farm salmon without shooting seals instead?

Appealing transparent worm with plastic inside

Plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures
Very worrying finding from nearly 11km deep confirms fears that synthetic fibres have contaminated the most remote places on Earth

Who doesn't love a dolphin?

Manmade noise pollution hinders sleep for dolphins in Hawaii
The distinctive sleeping behavior of the spinner dolphins has also been hindered by eco-tourism. Tourists often attempt to interact with the dolphins that rest in the bay, disturbing their sleep.

And another Dolphin

The Science of Dolphonology
Dolphins that hunt alongside humans have a different way of communicating.

Beautiful butterflyfish

A surprise new butterflyfish is described from the Philippine 'twilight zone'
A newly described species of Philippine butterflyfish -- the charismatic Roa rumsfeldi -- surprised scientists with its unknown status.

What we're doing now will make the ocean completely unliveable

What we're doing now will make the ocean completely unliveable
Our actions today will change the world's oceans for thousands of years. That is the conclusion of a study simulating a little-discussed consequence of climate change: it could choke entire ecosystems by cutting oxygen levels in the ocean. In the most extreme scenarios, with the planet warming by almost 10 oC, the oceans could be starved of oxygen for 8000 years.

Schooling fish

How schools of fish use physics to swim smarter, not harder
Schooling fish get another advantage than hiding from predators - more efficient swimming, and more energy for a hasty retreat.

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