SCUBA News 204
(ISSN 1476-8011)

SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011)
Issue 204 - May 2017

Hello, and welcome to SCUBA News. This month: win an awesome map of the best places to dive in the world! The free draw is exclusive to SCUBA News subscribers. We have six maps to giveaway - one enormous wall map and five smaller ones. See the article below for how to enter.

I hope you find the newsletter useful - you can download a pdf version of the newsletter here.


Explore the diving of Vietnam with Nha Trang Fun Divers.
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What's new at SCUBA Travel?
Win an awesome map of the best diving in the World!
Letters - Help needed from disabled divers
Dive the World's Top 100 - 40% off Red Sea Liveaboard
Diving news from around the World

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What's New at SCUBA Travel?

Diving Kenya

Kenya's other safaris

Kenya's reefs are protected by five marine parks and are some of the biggest in Africa.
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Diving Indonesia

Discover the diving of Indonesia

Indonesia has 6000 inhabited islands: no wonder some of them, like the Kei Islands, are only just opening up to divers.
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Diving Sardinia

Caves and Creatures in Sardinia

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is surrounded by marine caves and cliffs shearing into the sea.
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Win an awesome map of the best diving in the World!

This fabulous world scuba diving map can be yours.

Win awesome wall map of best places to dive

The gorgeous illustrated map shows the world's best places to dive and we have six to give away in our prize draw just for SCUBA News subscribers.

Five of the maps on offer have a re-writeable whiteboard coating. Fantastic for recording where you've dived and when, or highlighting which of the world-class dives pictured you aim to do next.

Diving map

You also have a chance to win a museum-quality jumbo canvas print on heavy, 100% cotton cloth measuring 150 x 90 cm (59″ x 35″) worth $140. Beautiful artwork for your home.

The maps show not only over 500 of the planet’s best places to dive but information about the type of dive and the underwater features. From the barracuda and shark diving in Sipadan, to Baja California via Italy’s Secca della Columbara – get excited about your next dive trip.

Win an Illustrated map of the best places to scuba dive

Completely illustrated by hand, the maps are designed to spark your wanderlust and animate your inner traveller. Made old-school style – with pen and paper – all the drawings are by illustrator Lars Seiffert. The maps are lovingly produced by the Awesome Maps company.

Illustrated Map of the Best Dive Sites in the World

Entry is free to all SCUBA News subscribers. Just email with "World Dive Map Draw" as the subject.

For more details about the maps visit Awesome Maps or our SCUBA News site.

Good luck!


Help Needed from Disabled Divers

Good day,

We are conducting research on disabled diving and would appreciate any disabled divers, or instructors of disabled divers, completing our questionnaire. Cressi, one of the top manufacturers of diving gear, has given us several prizes for completing the questionnaire.

The primary goal of this research is to determine the influence of scuba diving on the overall quality of life of disabled divers and their instructors.

The questionnaire is at and is available in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Mr. Armand Viljoen

Diving Oman

I'm desperately trying to get hold of a book by Richard Field called REEF FISHES OF OMAN. I recently moved here and literally want to take up this sport having fallen in love with snorkelling in these waters . Do you know where I could get it?
Kind regards
Michaela Hudson

Good luck with learning to dive - you can get the e-book from Amazon. We interviewed Richard Field for SCUBA News, you can read the interview here.

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Book now for world class diving in the Red Sea with 40% off a southern liveaboard in September to December.
Dive Elphinstone, the Brothers, Daedelus, St Johns.

Dive the Red Sea

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Diving News From Around the World

Our round up of the more interesting underwater news stories of the past month. For breaking news see our Twitter page or RSS feed

Killer Whales hunt massive Great White Sharks for their Livers

White sharks flee killer whales in South Africa: cage diving cancelled
In Gansbaai, which is usually home to one of the highest concentrations of great whites in the world, the sharks seem to be acting cautiously following attacks by orcas. Cage diving operators did not encounter a single living individual the weeks after the whales started their liver feasts on some of the largest white sharks.

Corals that grow faster in warm water could beat climate change

Corals that grow faster in warm water could beat climate change
Parts of the Great Barrier Reef and many other coral reefs around the world are already dying because of global warming. But if the fabulous ones in the northern Red Sea are protected from pollution, their unique evolutionary history means they might survive - and even thrive - late into this century despite the rising heat.

Fish boost photosynthesis by wafting water around corals

Fish boost photosynthesis by wafting water around corals
The fin fanning of damselfish in the Red Sea helps boost the rate of photosynthesis of the algae that live inside corals.

Divers free rare megamouth shark from fishing net

Divers free rare megamouth shark from fishing net
The megamouth shark is so rarely seen that its existence eluded us until 1976. To this day, the species is officially known from just 102 specimens. We've yet to discover where these creatures give birth, exactly where they live, or even how many of them are out there. But just recently, divers off the coast of Japan managed to free one of the lumbering giants after it swam into a fishing net.

Using CT scanners to copy of every fish in the sea

Using CT scanners to copy every fish in the sea
The idea is to have one clearinghouse of fish CT scan data freely available to researchers anywhere to analyze the morphology, or structure, of particular species.

Diver on damaged reef

Damaged flame shell reef declared protected area
Too late, scallop fishermen have been banned from a Scottish loch after a rare reef was damaged by dredging.

Researchers need info from disabled divers and their instructors

Researchers need info from disabled divers and their instructors
Are you a disabled diver? Do you instruct or dive with disabled divers? Fill in a survey and win diving gear from Cressi.

What's going wrong in our deep blue and warming sea?

What's going wrong in our deep blue and warming sea?
Sydney will have tropical waters by between 2040-60. Summers above 25, winter 19 degrees. Regions such as 12-metre strands of giant kelp off Tasmania are under threat as waters warm

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