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Issue 192 - May 2016

Welcome to SCUBA News. This month we've teamed up with Divebooker to offer you $75 off your next diving trip! See below for more details.

Reef and anthias

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What's New at SCUBA Travel?

Whale Shark

Diving the Galapagos

It's official: the Galapagos islands of Darwin and Wolf have more sharks than anywhere else in the world.
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Diving Madagascar

Diving Madagascar

Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island, hosts one of the world's longest continuous coral reefs. The best time to go is between now and December.
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Soft Coral

Bali's Dive Sites

Amongst the highlights of Bali diving are the awesome Liberty wreck, the reef manta rays of Nusa Penida and the fascinating macro marine life of Tulamben and Seraya Secrets.
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Diving with Dolphins in New Zealand

We are planning a tour to NZ and would like to dive with dolphins or even more if possible with whales!;)??? Where in north island and who could operate such dives for group of people?
Adam Jaron

Where to do Divemaster's Internship?

Thanks for all the info on your website. So many dive sites to choose from! Very exciting! Currently, I am looking to do a divemaster's internship in the Indo-Pacific region around June/July this year. Can you recommend any places/operators?
Patrick Wainwright, University of Cape Town (via Facebook Comments at

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$75 off your next Diving Experience

We've teamed up with to offer you $75 off diving. You can use the voucher for further training, equipment hire, guided dives or towards a liveaboard almost anywhere in the world, anytime in the next 12 months.

Reef in Indonesia

Divebooker list over 1000 dive operators and liveaboards in 63 countries, so you have plenty of choice of where to spend your voucher. You can book securely at their web site and one of their team will sort everything out with the dive company for you - confirming all the booking details. If you need advice - again the Divebooker team will be happy to help you.


It costs no more to book with Divebooker than if you went direct to the dive operator. Indeed, they guarantee that if you find same services offered elsewhere at a lower price they will match or beat the price.

Marine Conservation Society Logo If all that wasn't enough, every booking generates a donation to the Marine Conservation Society.

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Any drawbacks? Well, the offer is for new customers of Divebooker only.

Let me know if you take advantage of the offer and how you spend your voucher.

Diving News From Around the World

Our round up of the more interesting underwater news stories of the past month. For breaking news see our Twitter page or RSS feed


Thailand closes Similans island to divers and other tourists

All 17 marine national parks in the Andaman Sea are now closed until Saturday 15 Oct - that's over 60% of coral reefs. But even after the rest re-open, Koh Tachai will remain off-limits.

Plankton bloom from space

Iron fertilization won't work in much of Pacific

Iron fertilization won't work to combat climate change effects in much of Pacific

Turtle eating plastic bag

Experts burst degradable plastic bag myth

Degradable plastics, commonly used for shopping and rubbish bags, contain additives that make them disintegrate more quickly into microplastics than traditional plastics. When microplastics enter the marine environment they can poison wildlife and accumulate up the food chain, turning up in seafood eaten by humans.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands already sunk

Study says five Solomon Islands have already disappeared underwater due to rising sea levels

Parrot fish

Florida's coral reefs rapidly wasting away under stress of climate change

Accelerated acidification of coastal waters has brought about structural decline of only reef in continental US, initially pegged by scientists at around 2050.


Great Barrier Reef: advisers call for cap on farm pollution

Advisers propose a cap on pollution from farms close to the Great Barrier Reef. Sugar cane, grazing and other sectors should be given pollution load limits for their industries in each catchment they say.

Bleached Reef

GBR tourism operators refuse media and politicians access to bleached reefs

Several major operators refuse to take Greens' senators to bleached reefs as a backdrop for policy announcements, fearing potential impact on tourism


Spanish Empire Shipwrecks Offer New Data in the Quest to Understand Hurricanes

Caribbean Sea shipwrecks offer a high-resolution record of historical hurricane activity, which could be used to tune climate models.

Wreck of Palau

New Book - Dive Palau : The Shipwrecks

The wrecks of Palau are revealed by Rod Macdonald. Each wreck is covered in detail and is supported by underwater photography and great illustrations by renowned artist Rob Ward.

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