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Dive in Malta and Gozo: Diving Sites and Centres

13 December 2012


The Maltese archipelago lies at the centre of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. It comprises three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. With clear waters and rocky scenary the islands are very good for diving. At time of writing, two of her dive sites are numbers 2 and 3 in the top dives in Europe list: namely the Blue Hole in Gozo and Cirkewwa in Malta The best time to go is from February to June - away from the summer heat and the winter rain.

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Malta and Gozo Dive Sites

Inland Sea and Blue HoleGozo

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (2)

"Scenery going to the dive is awesome, looking at the Azure window. Next door is the inland sea, which is a good dive in itself, but if your navigation and air is good the combo is awesome. Start in Inland Sea, down to 10m, through to Ocean down to 22m and keeping wall on left shoulder gradually back up to 15m, across first inland part (10 fin kicks) to join wall on left, the through Azure window and 30 fin kicks to Blue Hole at 12m. If your air is good, then go past blue hole cave entrance and turn right keeping wall on left, and then in through chimney swim-through up to 7m, then back round to right (wall now on right) and rejoin blue hole cave entrance, explore cave before ascent into the Blue Hole itself. Smile at the tourists as you surface. "
Jamie Furness
"It is a beautiful sharp drop off into the blue hole with what seems like limitless visibility and literally feels like you are on the very edge of the world. It really is the most extraordinary dive!"
Bianca, 2006
Azure WindowGozo
"The dive starts off into a fissure in a cliff wall then opens up into a magnificent inland sea. As you come out of the cavern the rocks form a triangular shape like a window with the most startling bright blue water on the other side. This then goes into a beautiful steep drop off with amazing vis. "
Bianca, 2006
Reqqa PointGozo

Entry to dive is down a ladder. Swim to your left along a cliff. Big shoals of chromis.

Xlendi CaveXlendi Bay > Gozo

Enter the water by the 6th lampost. Swim across the bay to a cliff where the cave, or tunnel, is at 6 m. The cave is straight and you can see daylight at either end.

HMS MaoriHMS Maori and St. Elmo Bay > Valletta > Malta
"It's a beautiful wreck in Marsamxett Harbour with lots of swim throughs and holes to investigate and a great place to spot the illusive sea horses "
Jane Bell, Malta, 4 December 2012
"Malta diving: it's great. The HMS Maori wreck dive at St. Elmo Bay, Valletta was excellent. Lots of marine life it also makes a good night dive!
Steve Naz
Anchor BayPopeye Village > Malta
cave cup coral

This dive features a long, straight cave. In this you can always see the opening if you look back. At the end of the cave is a big air chamber - but don't remove your regulator as the air is not fresh. Swim into the cave keeping the wall on your left. If you carry on with the wall on your left, when you leave the air chamber you can enter another passage leading to another chamber. Still keeping the wall on your left, another exit from this chamber takes you back to the original entrance passage and out.

"Has good reef and cave dives. "
Steve Naz
Wied iz Zurrieq-Wes Malta
"Drop-offs, ledges, gullies and caves."
Steve Naz
Cirkewwa and Rozi Tug Boat Malta

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (3)

"Wonderful dive to 36 meters, circumnavigate the wreck and drop to the wheel house to feed the thousands of fish waiting for the divers. Also at Cirkewwa is Right arch: a beautiful full arch to swim up and over and a great place to spot thousands of barracuda
Jane Bell, Malta, 4 December 2012
"A perfect place to go diving: full of colour and adventure. A nice smooth dive where you can see anything from a small jellyfish to a shark.
Danielle, 2008
"Excellent dive site with wreck of ROZI as well as stunning underwater topography (swim through's, drop offs etc.) Vis stunning usually 30 m+ occasionally 50 m+. Sea life in abundance, barracuda, morays, octopus, cuttlefish and even dolphins!
Danny Jones, 2006
P29 Cirkewwa Malta

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (1)

"Condor Class Patrol Boat. (Dived with Dive Med.)
Daniel, 2012
Slugs Bay

"A perfect place to go and do a couple of hours boat diving and if you want adventure then this is the place to go with the pristine reefs.
Danielle, 2008
Marfa PointMalta

Dive at the North West tip of Malta, near where the ferry for Gozo docks. Good access to a little gully to the left of a tower. Down to the left there is at 7 m a drop off down to around 15 m. A few small caves, several wrasse. Worth doing.

Blenheim BomberMalta

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (1)

"The Blenheim Bomber (plane) is one of the best dives in Malta! Its history is unclear, but when it crashed into the water it landed on its belly, loosing the front of the cabin and nose wheel. It is dived by boat, but not all dive Centers know of its exact location. There is sometimes a current running so it is important to descend as quickly as possible holding onto the shot line which will be provided. This is a dive for more experienced divers only. (Dived with Dive Med.)
Daniel, 2012

Malta Dive Centres

MaltaquaSt Pauls > Malta

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (1)

Mosta Road
St Paul's Bay
SPB 03
Tel: +356 21 57 1873
Fax: +356 21580064

"I'd like to add that Maltaqua is another dive operator that is very professional and the people are great!! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them last year in October.
Dive MedMarsaskala > Malta

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended (1)

Zonqor Point
MSK 1570

"I will dive with them again and again and again. They organized boat trips to any dive site. Excellent value for money.
Daniel, 2012
Cresta Dive CentreSt Julians > Malta

Cresta Diving Centre
Cresta Quay
St Georges Bay
St Julians
Tel: (+00356) 21371459
Tel: (+00356) 9982 0460

Neptunes Diving CentreSt Julians > Malta

Neptunes Diving Centre
Main Street
Balluta Bay
St. Julians
Tel: (+00356) 2137 6865
Skype: neptunes.diving.malta

Dive Malta Dive CentreSt Julians > Malta

DiveMalta Dive Centre
St.Julian's Aquatic Sports Club
George Borg Olivier Street
STJ 1083
Tel: (+00356) 2136 9994
Skype: stuart_rhys_jones

DivewiseSt Julians > Malta

Westin Dragonara Complex
STJ 3143
Tel: (+00356) 213 56441

Paradise Diving SchoolCirkewwa > Malta

Paradise Diving Centre
Paradise Bay Resort Hotel
Tel: (+00356) 21 524363

Dive Deep BlueBugibba > Malta

Dive Deep Blue
Deep Blue Lido
100, Ananija Str,
Bugibba /Qawra
Tel: (+00356) 21 583946
Fax: (+00356) 21 583945

Subway Dive CentreBugibba > Malta

PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre, National Geographic Dive Centre and Project AWARE Official Partner.

Subway Dive Centre
Vista Complex
Pioneer Road
Bugibba SPB2800
Tel: (+00356) 21 572997

Diving into MaltaBugibba > Malta

Tel: +356 21573962
Mobile: +356 99253956

"Accommodation at Diving into Malta is excellent and cheap."
Steve Naz
Gozo Diving & Gozo Technical Diving Gozo

Gozo Diving & Gozo Technical Diving
Mgarr Road
Tel: +356 79009575 / +356 79009565

Chikarma Diving (UK)

Malta and Gozo Accommodation

Diving into Malta

Tel: +356 21573962
Mobile: +356 99253956

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