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Dive Equipment Insurance

13 January 2024
Comprehensive dive equipment insurance - including for underwater camera flooding. Find out more…

Diver with underwater camera equipment

Unusually for travel and diving insurance, Dive Master Insurance offers a 5% no-claims discount per year, up to a maximum of 20%, to existing policy holders Furthermore, Dive Master Insurance guarantee to beat any like for like specialist dive equipment insurance quote by 10%.

Diving Equipment Insurance

Divemaster Insurance
  • Extensive Cover for Recreational and Professional Divers
  • Replace equipment new for old providing that the new replacement cost is insured
  • Dive gear and underwater cameras/videos covered
  • Pay for unexplained flood damage to dive cameras and videos
  • Cover for theft from vehicles before, during and after dive trips
  • Cover for accidental loss even when the item isn't attached to you
  • Worldwide coverage 365 days a year
  • No Claims Discount of 5% per year up to a maximum of 20%
  • Insure Rebreathers, DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) and other sporting equipment unrelated to diving

Dive Master have been providing scuba insurance for over 30 years. You are covered no matter where in the world you're diving.

What's Covered

Cover is provided for loss or damage to diving equipment under any of the following conditions:

  • Kept in a place of storage, being a locked and secure building, boat cabin, boat locker or other means of lockable storage
  • Used for the purposes of recreational snorkeling, recreational breath hold free diving and Apnoea, spearfishing without the use of scuba or recreational diving
  • Whilst in transit with you between the equipment's place of storage and the dive site
  • Kept out of view in a locked and secure motor vehicle at the end of transit provided there is no alternative acceptable place of storage for the equipment
  • Deliberate jettisoning of equipment in the event of an emergency

You can also add:

  • Cover for underwater photographic equipment declared on the schedule including damage as a result of unexplained flooding
  • Some hiring costs for diving and/or underwater camera equipment in order to attend a pre-booked or pre-paid dive training course or dive holiday if your own dive equipment has suffered covered loss or damage

We believe the details we've given here to be accurate, but please always read the policy details to confirm. Details may be different depending on your country of residence.

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