Books to take to the South of France

These books may enhance your trip to the South of France. You might also be interested in our general books page, which amongst other things, covers photography and diving techniques.

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Dive Guides

Diving Guide to the Mediterranean Wrecks
by Kurt Amsler and Andrea Ghisotti, Swan Hill Press, 1995, Paperback.
Includes 13 wrecks from the South of France and many photographs.
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Sea Life

Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea
by Angelo Mojetta, Swan Hill Press, 2005, Paperback.
As well as the history and geology of the Mediterranean, and many maps showing its constituent seas, this book offers a guide to the underwater life. It also includes practical advice for divers.
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Sea Fishes and Invertebrates of the Mediterranean
by Lawson Wood, Paperback, New Holland Publishers, 128 pages, (2011)
Covers 289 species with colour photographs. Aimed at divers and underwater photographers.
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