Scuba Diving Travel Insurance for the Over-60s

3 September 2018
it can be difficult when you are over 60 to get SCUBA diving travel insurance. We've found two travel insurance companies that offer insurance specially for divers and don't have a cut-off point at 60 years old. Columbus Direct (to 85 years old) and Divemaster Insurance (no age limits). Which you choose depends on your requirements. Cheap and cheerful? Choose Columbus direct. Have a lot of kit and valuables to insure, or want to add diving cover to your existing insurance? Dive Master Insurance will suit you better.

Divers on the Rosalie Moeller - hope they had appropriate insurance
Get diving travel insurance to 40, 50 or even 80 m

We believe the details we've given here to be accurate, but please always read the policy details at the insurers' web sites to confirm. Details may be different depending on your country of residence.

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Divemaster Insurance

Dive Master Insurance

If you already have travel insurance and want to add diving to it, Dive Master Insurance is ideal. And there are no age-limits. You can also buy the complete travel insurance package from them.

Additionally they offer

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