Cozumel Dive Guide & Log Book

Cozumel Dive Guide & Log Book
Underwater Editions, 76 pages (2003).

Cozumel Dive Guide and Log Book

Having never dived Cozumel I was a little apprehensive about reviewing this book. Having read it a I feel that I have a good insight into the diving and have added it to my list of places I want to go.

The book is a glossy, ring-bound, book slightly bigger than A5. It should withstand the battering a book gets on a diving holiday.

It begins with an introduction to Cozumel Island and its history. This is followed by an overview of the diving, the reefs, currents, weather and the marine park. All useful information.

The dive guide itself has a short section on shore dives and snorkelling sites, followed by detailed guides to 25 dive sites around the island. Each dive guide is in the same format: a one page description of the dive with photos of the life and coral, a high level map and a guide to the difficulty, current and marine life. There is also a dive profile for planning purposes.

Opposite each page is a fold-out map of the site. These are excellent with very clear notes, dive features, depths and highlights. They were created using hand drawn sketches, digital cameras and computer software to create 3D illustrations of the reef.

The book finishes with a pull out coral and fish guide and 18 blank dive logs for you to fill in

All in all I think this is a great dive guide for Cozumel. It is easy to understand and clearly written by local experts. I would certainly buy it if you plan a trip to Cozumel. Buy it a few weeks early and it will whet your appetite and give you an impression of what to expect when you arrive.

About the Authors

Unusually, this book doesn't have one, two or even three authors, but is a collaboration between the Underwater Editions team, local instructors, dive masters, boat captains, the Marine Park and the members of ANOAAT (the Cozumel divers association). The main focus of the book was to produce quality underwater maps that enable divers to place themselves upon a reef and visualise a possible route.

Reviewed by Andrew Reay-Robinson.

Cozumel Dive Guide & Log Book is available from eBay and Abe Books.

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