Scuba Diving Cape Verde

10 December 2020
Cape Verde is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 460 kilometers off the coast of Senegal. Previously a Portuguese territory, Cape Verde became independent in 1975.

Cape Verde

When is the best time to dive Cape Verde?

You can dive all year round in Cape Verde. Sea temperatures range from around 27 oC in Summer to 19 oC in Winter. For winter months you will need a 7 mm wetsuit, a 5mm one in summer. February is the coolest month, with temperatures in the low 20s oC. August and September are the hottest and wettest months.

Which island to dive?

Diving is possible from several of the islands, including Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago. For wrecks go to Santiago. Boa Vista is better for large pelagics and turtles but seas are rougher here in winter. Sal has the most dive operators and established dive sites.

Cape Verde diving is still in its infancy and very special.

Sea Life

A large population of loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on Cape Verde, especially on the island of Boa Vista. A great place for colourful invertebrates and, being far into the Atlantic, many pelagic visitors. On the more offshore dives you might see dolphins and many types of sharks. Resident large animals include turtles, manta rays, grouper and nurse sharks.


Cape Verde's borders are open. You will need RT-PCR test done not more than 72 hours before travel. Your temperature will be taken on arrival in Cape Verde. If your temperature is high, you will be taken to an assigned area at the airport where your temperature will be measured again. If it remains high, you may be required to do another COVID-19 test. Make sure that you have insurance which covers COVID-19.

What else you neeed to know

Before travelling you need to complete a Airport Security Tax Form (TSA) and pay 3,400 escudos.

Some nationalities, eg British, can stay for up to 30 days without a visa, but prior to register online. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Cape Verde.

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Dive Sites of Cape Verde

There are many wrecks around Cape Verde: it was once a stopping off place for pirates, merchant ships and slave traders. The Cape Verde islands were formed by volcanic action so there are many rocky walls and caves.

The best dive sites include the Buracona cave and tunnels, and Cavala

Cape Verde Map
Map of Cape Verde

Sal Island

"I was diving in Sal Island, I did not expect much at the beginning but after several dives I was impressed by their marine biodiversity. Caves diving is certainly a must to do in Sal Island. I am thinking to return to Cabo Verde but would love to dive in other islands like Sao Vicente and Santo Antao. "
Indah Susanti

Kwarktzik (Boris)

The Kwarcit lies at around 28 m. This wreck was a Russian fishing boat which was sunk in 2006 by Manta Divers to create and artificial reef. It has some beautiful corals on it, plus lots of life like frogfish and nudibranchs.

Santo Antao

A cargo ship which sank in 1966. The wreck lies in three parts at 11 m on a sand bank. Be careful not to kick the sand up or you'll lose the visibility. You may see a manta ray or a turtle on this dive, as well as trumpet and parrot fish.

Buracona and Regona

Buracona volcanic cove. A cave, open to the ceiling through which sunlight streams in. Regona is a series of tunnels and caverns. You might see nurse sharks here.

"Volcanic place full of caves. Nice sea life. "
Fernando Marin

"This place is in the south of Sal Island. A volcanic place. Nice sea life "

Nurse sharks
Nurse sharks


A wall which starts at around 25 m and goes down to over 60 m. This is where you might see the bigger sharks, like Bull sharks, between May and September. You might even hear humpback whales singing. There is also a cave.

Cape Verde Diving Operators

Sao Vicente Island

Hotel Foya Branca Resort
Sao Pedro
Sao Vicente Island
Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Tel: +238 5124021 / +351 927311628 (WAPP)

Dunas de Sal Diving Center

Ponta Preta
Santa Maria Caixa Postal 12
Ilha do Sal
Cabo Verde
Tel: +238 982 26 45

Manta Diving Center

C.P. 61 Santa Maria
Ilha do Sal
Cape Verde

Santo Antao Island
Blue Eden

Santantao ART Resort
Avenida do Abofadouro
Porto Novo
Tel: +238-5915977

Boavista Diving

No online bookings between December and March as sea conditions may be difficult.

Tortuga Beach Restaurant
Estoril Beach
Sal Rei Town
Boa Vista
Cape Verde

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