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Books to Take on your Red Sea Travels

Here we list some of the best books on diving in the Red Sea.

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Diving Books

Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea
by Ned Middleton, Hardback, Immel Publishing, 196 pages, 2006.
The author spent over 8 years engaged in dedicated research into the many shipwrecks which are found in this part of the world. There are nineteen major featured shipwrecks - including two which are only recently discovered. These are followed by brief details of another eighteen vessels which were too small to be classified as ships - tugboats, barges etc. Finally, there are brief details of approx. 250 additional vessels that are either not yet discovered, far too deep for scuba divers or never even existed.
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Hurghada: Diving Guide and Integrated Logbook
by Rik Vercoe, Travelling Diver, (2008)
A great little guide and money well spent if you are going to Hurghada as nearly all the dives you will do are covered. Read our review.
Red Sea Wrecks Northern Egypt
by Rik Vercoe, Travelling Diver, (2008)
Ever found yourself re-writing the dive guide into your logbook or copying the maps and text of the dive centreís books? If you have then you might consider buying the Travelling Diverís Guide and Logbook. Includes Dunraven, Thistlegorm, Carina Brick Wreck, Kingston, Ulysses, Gubal Barge, Rosalie Moeller, Ghiannis D, Carnatic, Crisoula K, Kimon M, El Mina and Excalibur. Read our review.
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Sharm El-Sheikh: Diving Guide and Integrated Logbook
by Rik Vercoe, Travelling Diver, (2008)
Features 16 dive sites, including the wreck of the Thistlegorm and the Shark and Yolanda Reefs. The sheets are attractively laid out and easy to follow. There is a space for you to enter the particulars of the dive: maximum depth, surface interval, temperature, etc. Then comes the information. First the site overview giving a brief description of the dive. For example, the Shark and Jolanda entry says "Part of the Ras Mohammed marine park, this is one of the most famouse dive sites in the Red Sea. Shark & Jolanda offers shark sightings, exciting drift dives and an unusual cargo of porcelain toilets, from the wreck of the Jolanda". Read our review...
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Marsa Alam - Diving Guide and Logbook
by Julien Stein, Travelling Diver, (2008)
For £12.50 you get a guide-come-logbook for the Red Sea area around Marsa Alam, Egypt. The format is loose sheets designed to fit into a diving logbook binder. Includes Elphinstone. Read our review.
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Safaga - Diving Guide and Logbook
by Julien Stein, Travelling Diver, (2008)
Guide to the reefs and wreck around Safaga.
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Dive Red Sea: The Ultimate Guide
by Simon Rogerson and John McIntyre, Paperback, Ultimate Sports Publications Ltd, 320 pages, 2007.
In the main devoted to Egypt, but also covers Jordan, Yemen, Djibouti, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Eritrea.
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Red Sea Map
Road map and chart of all the major dive sites in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Eritrea and Djibouti.
Hurghada Diving Guide
by Giorgio Mesturini and Massimo Bicciato, Swan Hill Press, Paperback, 168 pages, 2001.
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Diving Guide to Sharm-el-Sheik
by Claudio Cangini, Paperback, 1998.
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Sea Life Books

Coral Reef Guide Red Sea
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Collins, 384 Pages, Paperback (2004)
Coral Reef Guide Red Sea covers all common species of underwater life of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, you are likely to see while diving or snorkelling. Each species is illustrated with a full-colour photograph and the text gives details of range and characteristic behaviour. A map of good dive sites appears on the inside front cover. Includes jellyfish, corals, nudibranchs, starfish, sea urchins, fishes and turtles. An excellent sea life guide which I always take to the Red Sea
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Coral Reef Fishes, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Harper Collins, 400 Pages, Paperback (February 2000)
An excellent, comprehensive guide to reef fishes, which is small and light enough to pack regardless of amount of diving equipment. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to identify the fish they see whilst diving the tropics. Includes the Red Sea.
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Red Sea Sharks (In Depth Divers' Guide)
by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch, Trident Press, Hardback, (1999)
A comprehensive guide to the sharks of the Red Sea.
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Red Sea Reef Guide
by Helmut Debelius, Circle Books, 324 pages, Hardback (2000)
Photographic guide to fish and invertebrates.
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Reef Fishes and Corals of the Red Sea
by Pete Harrison and Alex Misiewicz, New Holland Publishers
A guide to 270 reef fishes and corals found throughout the Red Sea. Encompassing Israel, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea
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Guide Books

The Rough Guide to Egypt
Available in Kindle Edition
Egypt: Red Sea Resorts
Paperback, 2008
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The Rough Guide to Jordan
Paperback, 2006
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Culture Shock Saudi Arabia
Paperback, 2007
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