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Books to Take on your Red Sea Travels

Here we list some of the best books on diving in the Red Sea.

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Diving Books

Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea
by Ned Middleton, Hardback, Immel Publishing, 196 pages, 2006.
The author spent over 8 years engaged in dedicated research into the many shipwrecks which are found in this part of the world. There are nineteen major featured shipwrecks - including two which are only recently discovered. These are followed by brief details of another eighteen vessels which were too small to be classified as ships - tugboats, barges etc. Finally, there are brief details of approx. 250 additional vessels that are either not yet discovered, far too deep for scuba divers or never even existed.
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Red Sea Sharks (In Depth Divers' Guide)
by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch, Trident Press, Hardback, (1999)
A comprehensive guide to the sharks of the Red Sea.
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Red Sea Reef Guide
by Helmut Debelius, Circle Books, 324 pages, Hardback (2000)
Photographic guide to fish and invertebrates.
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Reef Fishes and Corals of the Red Sea
by Pete Harrison and Alex Misiewicz, New Holland Publishers
A guide to 270 reef fishes and corals found throughout the Red Sea. Encompassing Israel, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea
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Guide Books

The Rough Guide to Egypt
Available in Kindle Edition
Egypt: Red Sea Resorts
Paperback, 2008
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The Rough Guide to Jordan
Paperback, 2006
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Culture Shock Saudi Arabia
Paperback, 2007
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