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Presents, gifts for divers

Presents and gifts for Divers

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Unsure what presents to buy for your diving friends and family? Look no further. We've found some of the best gifts for divers available over the internet.

Books DVDs Diving Magazines Posters Other Stuff: divers' cufflinks, jewellery, toolkits, bottle openers, egg cups...


Note: Different countries use different DVD formats. Make sure you buy the correct one for your player. The DVDs liste Region 2 ( for Europe, the Middle East, Japan and South Africa. The links below go to UK sites.


A selection of the best diving magazines.

Sport Diver
Save up to 43%. SportDiver is the official magazine of PADI's International Diving Society. With travel features, tales of diving extremes, technical articles and unbiased equipment tests.
Click here for more details or to subscribe to Sport Diver.
Asian Diver
Asian Diver was launched in June 1992 and quickly grew into an internationally respected, widely available and fast-growing dive magazine.
Click here for more details or to subscribe to Asian Diver Singapore
Scuba Diver Australasia
An international dive journal featuring the best Asian and Australian destinations.
Click here for more details or to subscribe to Scuba Diver Australasia


Other Stuff

Scuba Egg Cup
Never again will you lose your plug under the soap suds.Scuba Boy never swims far from the plug so you will always know where it is.

Diving T Shirt
Evolution To Scuba Diving T-Shirt.

Trust Me I'm A Scuba Diver Bottle Opener Keyring
Never be short of a bottle opener with this keyring.

Scuba Diver Cufflinks
A selection of cufflinks from fun ones from under a pound to beautiful handcrafted designs in silver.

Turtle earrings for scuba diversHandcrafted Silver Jewellery
Some lovely pieces designed and made by scuba diver and jeweller Rose Ledbury

IST Scuba Divers Handy Maintenance Tool Kit
Handy tool kit for convenient & quick maintenance of diving equipment

Jacques Cousteau (6 Disc) DVD
Captain Cousteau and his ship the Calypso visit the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden