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Welcome to room five of our photo gallery - the Red Sea Coral room. Please click a photo for an enlargement, details of where taken and notes about the animal. The gallery is continually growing with photos being added every month. (All Photos copyright the photographer. Please ask for non-commericial re-use of these photos.)

Coral Head, Gota Baraka, Red Sea SCUBA Travel webmaster with soft corals Diver and soft corals in Saudi Arabia Soft Coral on Big Brother Soft coral Soft coral Soft coral Soft coral on Daedalus Reef Red Sea Soft Coral Red Sea Soft Coral Soft Coral Soft Coral Soft Coral, Shaab Muksure, Red Sea Soft Coral, Gota Baraka, Red Sea Soft Coral, Shaab Hassan, Red Sea Soft Coral, Dungus Reef, Red Sea Soft Coral, Shaab Fargha, Red Sea Soft Coral, Shaab Fargha, Red Sea Red Sea Hard Coral Hard coral Table coral Table coral Table Coral Grouper, Gota Sha'ab El Erg, Red Sea Sea Fan coral, Dungus Reef Sea Fan coral, Sha'ab Muksure Coral on Big Brother, Egypt Coral Coral Polyp Whip coral on Daedalus Reef Fire coral, Abu Dabbab Fire coral, Siyul Sagira, Red Sea Reef, Dungus Reef, Red Sea Coral on ladder on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Reef on Big Brother Soft coral on Little Brother Soft coral on Little Brother Soft corals on Little Brother Carnatic Soft Coral

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Photography Books and Cameras

The Underwater Photographer: Digital and Traditional Techniques
by Martin Edge, Paperback, 536 pages (2009)
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Adobe Photoshop for Underwater Photographers
by J & S Drafahl, 224 pages (2007). Buy from amazon.co.uk or and amazon.com
The Essential Underwater Photography Manual: A Guide to Creative Techniques and Key Equipment
by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett, 176 pages (2005). Available from 30% off from amazon.co.uk.
A Diver's Guide to the Art of Underwater Photography
by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari Available from amazon.co.uk, and amazon.com

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