SCUBA Diving The Philippines: Books to Take

Dive Sites of the Philippines; Puerto Galera & Verde Island
by Frank Doyle, Paperback, 96 pages
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Diving Southeast Asia: A Guide to the Best Sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand
by Sarah Ann Wormald, Periplus, 288 pages, 2016
Philippines (Globetrotter Island Guide)
by Lindsay Bennet, Paperback, New Holland Publishers Ltd, 192 pages, 2008
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Coral Reef Fishes, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Harper Collins, 400 Pages, Paperback
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A Diver's Guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife
by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari, 468 pages, 2007
Don't let the title put you off, most of the creatures you see in neighbouring Malaysia are also in the Philippines.
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