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Books to take to the South of France

These books may enhance your trip to the South of France. You might also be interested in our general books page, which amongst other things, covers photography and diving techniques.

Dive Guides Sea Life Guide Books and Maps History Between Dive Reading

Dive Guides

Diving Guide to the Mediterranean Wrecks
by Kurt Amsler and Andrea Ghisotti, Swan Hill Press, 1995, Paperback.
Includes 13 wrecks from the South of France and many photographs.
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Sea Life

Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea
by Angelo Mojetta, Swan Hill Press, 2005, Paperback.
As well as the history and geology of the Mediterranean, and many maps showing its constituent seas, this book offers a guide to the underwater life. It also includes practical advice for divers.
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Sea Fishes and Invertebrates of the Mediterranean
by Lawson Wood, Paperback, New Holland Publishers, 128 pages, (2011)
Covers 289 species with colour photographs. Aimed at divers and underwater photographers.
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Fishes of the Sea: The North Atlantic and Mediterranean
by John Lythgoe, Gillian Lythgoe, MIT Press, 1991, 256 pages, Hardback.
Photographic and descriptive guide emphasizes the appearance of marine fish in their natural habitats. Available from
Complete Mediterranean Wildlife
by Paul Sterry, Collins, 384 pages.
Available from

South of France Guides and Maps

South of France
Dana Facaros, Michael Pauls, Cadogan Guides, 2001, 636 pages
A revised and updated third edition of a CADOGAN GUIDE, which includes new design, colour maps, additional illustrations, new area and city maps, a special guide to the best beaches and information on the wine routes of the region.
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Michelin Map France

Available from
Michelin in Your Pocket Guide: South of France
128 pages, 1996
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The Mediterranean
by Ernle Bradford, Penguin Books, 608 pages.
The Mediterranean sea, which brings together three continents, was the cradle of western civilisation. Ernle Bradford spent almost 30 years sailing into nearly every corner of the Mediterranean and here he tells its fascinating story. Available from

Between Dive Reading

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Stars Beneath the Sea: The Pioneers of Diving
by Trevor Norton, Arrow, paperback, 288 pages.
"Superb book. One of the best reads I have had in ages"
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Mapping the Deep: the Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science
by Robert Kunzig, Sort of Books, paperback.
A fascinating book for anyone interested in the sea.
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Please send your comments on the books listed here, suggest more books to list or send us your book reviews. We look forward to hearing from you.



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