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Rapture of the Deep

Book Review: The Rapture of the Deep

The Rapture of the Deep
Michael G Zinsley, 1stBooks Library, 261 pages (1999).
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Rapture of the Deep
A collection of stories, all with a diving backdrop, from 16 different countries. Michael Zinsley writes entertainingly about the places he has visited and worked as a diving instructor.
Easy-to-read: the book features local customs, dive clients from hell, historical snippets and sea-life notes. And the underwater passages, which are so difficult to do well, make you want to book your flight and get back in the water.
Zinsley relates anecdotes from Antigua, Australia, Bermuda, Bonaire, California, Fiji, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Palau, Philippines, Ponape, Saint Lucia, Thailand, Tonga, Truk, the US Virgin Islands, Vauatu, Western Samoa and Yap. If you're looking for some light-reading to take on your travels, look no further. Even if you're not visiting one of the countries featured it'll enthuse you with ideas of where to go next, or, perhaps more importantly, where to avoid.
It's very obvious though, that the book is written by an American. Some of the vocabulary, like gotten and critter, jarred slightly; and of course it's your shout if everyone else has bought a round except for you!
About the Author
Michael Zinsley grew up in the Los Angeles area and studied civil engineering and geology at university. As well as a SCUBA diving instructor, he is also an accomplished mountaineer with notable ascents on six continents. His articles have appeared in Skin Diver magazine and technical rock-climbing journals. For more information read the interview he gave to SCUBA Travel.
Other Readers' Comments
The Rapture of the Deep by Mike Zinsley is an excellent book: well written, humourous, inteligent and interesting. For many international divers it will bring back excellent memories - for those who have not left their local shores, it is sure to be tempting. From Peter Stone, Australia.

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